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Full Version: Private LSPD/SASD models including Sheriff female skin with vest.
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Hello guys today i am bringing you some of the mods i use in my own server (upcoming server) anyways the models are from LSRP they are very private and pretty hard to find & get it includes 2 crown victorias & dodge charger, the models are not created by me however, i have fixed a few things and added a few vehicle parts.

Screenshots are below sorry for the server website AD i was testing stuff within that crappy server.
[Image: TOcjtT1.png]

[Image: QZeQlA3.png]

[Image: CX729by.png]

[Image: Tg2DY2K.png]


Enb i am using

Just a little note the female skin comes with a pack included with the male skins.
Thank you so much, I been waiting for them quite a while now.
NiceĀ  :ppffh:
(02-17-2015, 05:05 PM)Mombah. link Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you so much, I been waiting for them quite a while now.

Anytime i have more upcoming mods. keeping the post updated.
looks good
Can you re-upload the pack? thx bro
RIP Link.
(10-10-2017, 10:55 AM)MrEzuRi Wrote: [ -> ]RIP Link.
thanks very nice