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Full Version: Opis Gaming RP (P:LA) account for sale [MUST SEE]
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Hey UG-BASE! I decided to put my OGRP (P:LA) account up for sale since the community has become whack to me and I'm rather spending my time on heavy RP servers.

[Image: DW9upMw.png]

[Image: U4cTlM9.png]

I've spent a lot of money on the marketplace. It owns a house which is worth 90 USD and many other donated things. It's a helper.

I'm not planning to give out more information, don't want this account to get banned.

About the price, offer me something, I've put a couple of hundred bucks into this account.

I'm okay with using a middleman which is TRUSTED or a middleman from MultiMart called Hustle Lawyer. You pay the middleman fee's. (Around 3-5 bucks I guess)

Do not spam this thread with useless comments, please. If you got questions, I'm giving my best to answer them. I'm not just going to release too much info which would the account get banned.

Trading OG-RP (P:LA) accounts is against THEIR rules, so be careful if you plan on buying this. No, you won't get banned instantly, just do not tell anyone it's a bought account.

you gave couple of hundered dollars to a pedophile child molester for deagle skills and infernus and a house. If you have so much money why dont you give the account for free.
Dont expect to get a couple of hundres bucks for that account xD
Maybe like $50 if you're lucky Big Grin

The person you're "married" to might notice and report you.
The sudden IP change could probably ban you aswell, just saying
The person I married was banned a few months ago for toxic attitude haha. I'm not expecting hundreds of bucks. I've been buying and selling multiple P:LA accounts already and they are still Ingame with the same name, this is my personal one though.
Oh alright Smile
Good luck selling man! Looks like a nice account
don't you think that it's a matter of few minutes to filter accounts based on the data shown in the picture to reveal which account exactly it is?
Don't worry.
MrUnknown Wrote:If you got questions, I'm giving my best to answer them.
Oh, well. I have sold around 3 P:LA accounts already on multiple forums. I know what I have to censor in order to stay safe. Don't worry about anything which is related to being busted. OGRP admins are kids. :--)
i really want one man, if i had cash i'd pay for it.. i really need a good account on rp servers
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