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Full Version: [HALP] Finding NameTag Address
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I'm trying to find NameTag address [0.3e rc5] for max distance and stuff
like when we want to find ammo address we can just search ammo value.
but when come to nametag I have no idea where to start. can someone please guide me how to find it please.
Thanks in advance.
Open up a 0.3e server.
Use and set nametag draw distance to 50.0.
Use cheatengine to search for 50.0 value.
Use that function again to change from 50.0 to 100.0.
Use cheatengine again and search for 100.0

Repeat until you find the address. (2 times should be enough)
got it work now. thank you so much! 

how to find the code that enable nametag through the wall Trollface
I tried nopping around but seems I cant get the right one.
hey i'm sorry if this is too much. but im really curious how to get to this kind of stuff. like what should we search for?
Thanks again.
You can start by looking for what reads the address for nametag draw distance and nop around.
Or you could make use of, but have in ur mind that this function has to be called before player connection, so a relog is needed to take effect. (reconnect without closing SA-MP otherwise the base address will change and previous search will get invalidated)
finally got it!  Yesyes
learned a lot from this.
thank you soooooo much man! you made my day.
I really appreciate.