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Full Version: Cleo file help
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So basicly I have a cleo which accepts bodyguard offer by pressing middle mouse button. I'd like to know, can I put a different command instead of /accept bodyguard

If I can, can someone tell me how to do it?
Here's the download link, I'd like the command to be changed to /capturf
If no one is willing to do it, could you tell me which software can I use
Sanny builder, open the file in the editor, look for the '/accept bodyguard' string, change it, and recompile the script.
You might need SF sanny builder data, get it from here
So I opened the file, edited /accept bodyguard to /capturf and saved the file. I logged in and attempted to use it but bunch of SAMP warnings poped up and my SAMP crashed
Use cleo 4.1 or cleo 4.4 and sampfuncs 5.3.3
I updated my CLEO and SAMPfuncs, yet again this error happens. Perhaps I've done something wrong in file editing?

Before editing the file
After editing the file
You need to compile it, not save the text file. Then use the compiled script(.cs file).
Compile like this?

I did that compile thing, exited and then attempted to use it in samp. Crashed again ;(

Could someone please do it for me and upload a file if it's that easy? I aguess I'm doing something wrong, this is my first time using such programs
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