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Full Version: Unsync player and car!
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Hi, I decided to make 2 separate scripts a while ago, and now I am uploading them here.


To use: 

type "BG" like a cheatcode to unsync your player

type "CAR" like a cheatcode to spawn an unsynced car

This is my first cool cleo project.

Cannot say that this can bypass anti cheat, but I can say to not go far from where you started when the server has good anti cheat, or it will detect teleport.
Great job mate Urtheman
Nice work man.  Ugbase  Ugbase  Ugbase
Crashes. Does this work on 0.3.8 ?
how the another players see me when i'm unsync? like AFK (esc)? Or just stopped?
I wanna know this as well.

Or does it set my player to a different view world?