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Full Version: [Relase] PurityX Cheats v2.1
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PurityX Cheats v2.1
Small Update!

-Mouse Fix
-Extreme No Reload
-Advanced No Reload
-Semi No Reload
-Advanced No Recoil (Working On It)
-Map Teleport
-Checkpoint Teleport
-Disable PedRender

Small Update! What Changed:
-Removed Cheat's Lag
-Better Fast Connect
-Added Remove Ped Render
-Solved Many Bugs

Virus Scan:
Virus Total
great job Silvano Urtheman
please just post it in the previous thread instead of open a new thread for every update.
gj mannnn! ChallengeCompleted
good joob
Thanks to all ^^
add anti afk bot Big Grin