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  • This cheat has been in constant development for months. There are multiple pages of features, and we're always open to suggestions! This cheat currently supports 0.3.7R1 and 0.3DL, so you will not have issues on either end. To top that, our cheat is loadable into client sided anti-cheats such as SAMPCAC/RGN-AC.
  • Windows 10 x64

  • Windows 7 x64
  • Visuals
    Active Switch → Controls all features that are bound to the Visuals
    • Box → Draw a 2D Box around players
    • Name → Draw the player's name
    • ID → Draw the player's ID
    • Health/Armor → Draw the player's health/armor - customizable by either text or vertical/horizontal bars
    • Weapon → Draw the player's current weapon - customizable by either text or weapon icons
    • Distance → Draw the player's distance from you in meters
    • Chams → Fill the player's model with a custom texture, which allows them to be seen through walls (the colors are customizable too)
    • Skeleton → Draw the player's bones
    • Lines → Draw snap lines to other players
    • Friends → Tag players included in your friends list with a [FRIEND] text.
    • AFK → Tag AFK players with AFK text
    • Disable Chat → disable the chat being rendered while the menu is visible
    • Disable Default Nametags → disable SA:MP's default nametag rendering
    • Players → draw players
    • Weapons → draw world object weapons (labeled with names)
    • Bullet Tracers → draw tracers from your firearm
    • Vehicles → draw the vehicle pool
    • Damage Informer → toggle text's that notify you of damage done to targets, you have 3 options
      3D: shows 3D text on player's positions when they are hit by you
      2D: show 2D text on screen when they are hit by you
      Both: toggle both 2D & 3D
    • Hitmarker → Draw a hit-marker every time a player is hit by you.
    • Hitsound → Play a satisfying hit-sound every time a player is hit by you
      MLG: Call Of Duty's hitmarker sound
      VALVE: L4D2's button sound
    • Rainbow HUD → Set the HUD's colors to loop through the color spectrum
    • Aimbot → enable aimbot
      • Standard: default aimbot mode
      • AC: ANTICHEAT aiming mode, should be used on client sided anticheats
    • Smooth → toggle aim smoothing
    • Silent → toggle silent aiming (view angles are not effected)
      • GTA STYLE: Our custom, highly undetectable silent aim method
      • SA:MP STYLE: The generic silent aim method
    • Triggerbot → automatically shoot when a player is targetted
    • Lag Shoot → enable ping hitbox prediction
    • Pro Aim → teleport players into your crosshair
    • Draw Aim FOV → draw the current FOV that the aimbot is bound to
    • Aim Key → choose a custom key for the aimbot to react to (if you prefer LMB/RMB, leave it alone)
    • Smooth Speed → smoothing speed applied to the aimbot
      [NOTE]: In 'Standard' mode, lower speed is ideal for legit player, while in 'AC' mode, higher speed is ideal for legit player!
      FOV → the FOV that the aimbot is bound to, only players inside this FOV will be targeted!
    [NOTE]: Our cheat uses hitscanning. This means that bones are scanned and picked from the bone list. Visible bones will be selected, while those that aren't are ignored!
    • Use STATIC position → Void hitscanning and use the player's static position
    • BONE LIST → We include every single bone that GTA:SA's engine uses for our aimbot, all the way down to player's thumbs! You can toggle each bone specifically, (e.g if you would like to aim at the TORSO, and HEAD only!)
    • Shoot Through Walls → Set silent aim to ignore visible checks and shoot targets through walls
    • RAGE Mode → This is a exclusive feature that allows you to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple players as long as you have a compatible firearm equipped. This works by registering multiple hits towards these players! This feature is highly undetected on anticheats, but beware that killing players in less than a few seconds can get you reported quickly!
  • TEAM
    • Ignore Skin → Ignore player's with the same skin model as you
    • Ignore Color → Ignore player's with the same nametag color
    • Ignore Friends → Ignore player's added in your friends list
    • Ignore NPCs
    • Disable spread → Disable weapon spread
    • Legit NoSpread → Legit version of NoSpread, crosshair still expands on several weapons
    • Infinite Ammo → Disable ammo decrease when shooting
    • No Reload → Instant reload (disable reload animations)
    • Player Speed → Increase player speed (undetected on all anti-cheats)
    • Vehicle Speed → Increase vehicle speed
      (PUSH: Similar effect to Player Speed, also undetected on all ACs || VELOCITY: Increase vehicle velocity)
    • Fix Vehicle → Repair your current vehicle
    • BRIEF: Here you can add friends, get information about players, and more!
    • Disable In Screenshot → Disable visuals/hacks when the screenshot key is pressed (F8)
    • Draw Custom 3D Labels → Manually draw 3D text labels, useful for servers that use them to indicate prize locations, etc (They are drawn through walls in the cheat)
    • Server Crasher → Attempt to crash the current server
    • Fake Lag → Create a fake lag effect (dependent on the slider next to this checkbox)
    • BRIEF: Attempt to find players, streamed or unstreamed. You can either teleport to them, or mark them on the map.
    • BRIEF: Teleport to checkpoints, using fake positions or physical positions, with your choice of teleportation delay.
      There is also a "TP to WayPoint" button to teleport to the waypoint you've selected on your map.
    BRIEF: We know it can be a hassle to re-select every single cheat option in a massive cheat like this. That's why we've added the option to save custom configuration files. You can name them whatever you want, in case you have different presets for different servers!

    This cheat has a extreme amount of features, which continues to grow every update. We are also open to suggestions!


    • 1 Month → $9.99
    • 2 Months → $18.99
    • 3 Months → $27.99
  • Join our DISCORD or ask in the 'Questions' section!
  • Fixed an issue where Windows 7 users crashed / had problems with the loader.
Looking for some (moderators / little bit more popular) people to vouch / review our cheat.
hit me up with private message and I will "review/vouch" when i have free time.
//after testing

Launcher – Very easy to use and follow through, (needs  'Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 'and 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)')
Menu – Very clean design with easy navigation
Visuals – Range of option, which is always great but nothing we haven’t seen before
Visual Misc – Additional features to visuals
Assistance – Silent aim bot, with customizable FOV seems to be working perfectly on both skin-hit and lagshot (excluding servers with custom health and damage). Ability to choose bones always appreciated.
Assistance Misc – Additional miscs for legit nospread and speedhack
Friends – Just like in any other cheat, works good
Other – clean sreenshot seems to be working as intended
Conclusion – If you are happy to spend the money and looking for a good .exe cheat then try it for your own. Development seems to be always working hard, developing new features.
EBI (Even better if – in my personal opinion)
Rethink the price slightly – Add ability to resize the menu in game – add pro aim – legit nospread should have expanding crosshair – add customizable speed for the speedhacks – add chams – bones with view orientation could be also implemented – add ability to customize the aimbot for each weapon – and like I said, nothing we haven’t seen before.
I could
(04-18-2018, 07:07 PM)safa Wrote: [ -> ]Push,
  • Fixed an issue where Windows 7 users crashed / had problems with the loader.
Looking for some (moderators / little bit more popular) people to vouch / review our cheat.

I would like to test it if you have nothing against
UPDATE v0.35

  • Added combobox for weapon draw type - (TEXT, ICON)
          [Image: FiUKvAa.png]
  • Added distance checkbox - shows distance to player
  • Added chams with color selection - (V controls the color when the player is visible, IV controls the color when the player is not visible)
         [Image: 3cvbUxL.png]

  • Improved target selection - (fixing issues where targets would switch or bodyparts would stay locked)
  • Added PRO aim! - (teleports player into your crosshair, so you can easily shoot to kill)
  • Added 'Ignore NPCs' checkbox - ignores NPC players from aimbot
  • Other improvements
  • Added Infinite Ammo
  • Added No Reload - (this still reduces your ammo, but once you run out, the gun is immediately reloaded [no animation])

  • Automatically ignore NPCs from player list

  • Various GUI improvements (rendering, aesthetics)



  • We added now a server-crasher! You can crash a lot big servers with this : 
Examples it worked on / confirmed :
  • Horizon Roleplay (100+ Players)
  • Last Alive (100+ Players)
  • Grand Gang Wars (50+ Players)
  • Italy Mafia Roleplay (100+ Players)
  • Modern Warfare 3

Damn it was you who's crashing hzrp lmao
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