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Full Version: Asking About Sampfuncs and Cleo Needed Sampfuncs .
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Hello .
i need to know ... How can i fix my gta / Samp ? Whenever i Joining Server using Like Coordmaster . i'am Logged In And After SAMP Image .... it will Wrote "gta_sa.exe Stop Working" Like that . i already Fix all My Files on gta Like Vorbisfile and 2 More . When i Delete Coordmaster it sucessfully Joined into game . Why ? I Already Delete gta_sa.set . Can Someone Help Me ? if that's work , i will Add +1 Reputation For who Helping Me And Sucess
(06-23-2014, 03:53 PM)Xer link Wrote:

that might help you  Urtheman
When i logged in It's Wroted :
Sorry , but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported .
Supported Version :
-1.0US (1438616 Bytes)
-1.0US Compact (5189632 Bytes)
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Try Re-Installing GTA SA and SAMP and Put This In Your GTA SA Folder:


need to sleep bro  Confusedweet_jesus:
I Already do that . But when i Put in Cleo Mods Needed Sampfuncs or MGfuncs i always Crashed . How to Fix that ?  Surprised