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    m0d_sa Johny-Project MultiHack for 0.3.7 and 0.3.DL soon !

    Hey i liker the program /.dcar and that makes the car boom but i want a separate program such like this for server 0.3.dl because Johnny Hack makes many lags
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    [HELP]Widescreen Cleo

    of course i use it for screen shot,And my server is 03dl
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    [CLOSED] Accepting request

    1. Name of the mod (if the mod doesn't exist, you don't have to tell one): carboom 2. Where you saw it (not the server, we mean if you saw any videos/screenshots about it or not): I have this version but for 0.3.7 3. What do you want (the most important part, explain this carefully): i want to...
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    [HELP]Widescreen Cleo

    Hello,I got a script called WideScreen.cs before,and it is used to turn the screen into more wider and the HUD and Healthbar,Armourbar are hided, but when i use the cleo , I can not use the Keyboard "ESC",and I cannot AFK,can you help me and solve the problem? Thanks,and my english is bad. //...