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    i already use 4.1 cleo, i already use SAMPFUNCS, i already use R1 samp. most of the aimbots on this forums that are pinned are outdated or doest have ON/OFF feature
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    is there any good 0.3.7 skin aimbots that are working? most of them are outdated
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    help with code

    So i'm not a coder, but i managed to change up something to make me on a "GOD MODE" when i press "Q", but there is no way to turning it off so i cant accidentally turn it on. Can anyone help me to make it if you write /blood (in chat) it can turn on/off. thanks for help {$CLEO .cs} thread...
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    .asi file merger

    ik that you can merge 2 cleo files to 1, but is there the same thing but with .asi files? would be really awesome if yall would share ty.
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    CLEO RELEASE [PRIVATE] Vehicle Path Recording RELEASE

    make a support for windowed mode. im having troubles with the menu. it gets stuck in bottom right corner
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    help with "Unknown opcode 8B21"

    Thank you man. really appreciated
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    help with "Unknown opcode 8B21"

    i did as shown. still same error
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    help with "Unknown opcode 8B21"

    Unknown opcode 0B21. till an error. am i doing it right? "Run >> Compile"
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    help with "Unknown opcode 8B21"

    So first of all this is not my code and i do not have any experience in coding at all. i tried editing this code just to do a command, but it gives me this error. "Unknown opcode 8B21." (even the original script has the same problem) can anyone help? and tell if there is anything wrong that...