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    CLEO HELP Virtual Worlds

    I can't really understand what you're trying to do so.. You can't change vw without bug but you can change interior id with cleo hacks or whatever since it's a client side issue So if you're trying to be in the virtual world that your house is You have to enter the house first with s0biet nop...
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    CLEO HELP Virtual Worlds

    You can use interiors yeah. Perfect way to do that is by using s0biet nop set player position then enter an interior and your virtual world will be changed
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    I'm looking for these. Can you help me?

    Thank you dude I'll try this out
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    I'm looking for these. Can you help me?

    I don't have enough experience myself that's why I requested help back in time Also I lack of the right code to do so I could increase the speed of the animation but it was no use. Player's response to spraycan effect was so hilarious that he kept crawling back a million miles away If you do...
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    I'm looking for these. Can you help me?

    I was looking for these too nobody on this forum knows how to make it I figured that you can only avoid chainsaw and spraycan stunt only by enabling godmod otherwise you cant
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    CLEO RELEASE [REL]Hack Pack for RP servers
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    APP [CLEO]CarStealer by .CS TEAM

    If you want something that works on hzrp use s0biet nops I guarantee that you'll be able to drive the vehicle for about 30 secs and then you'll be kicked automatically so.. Use it only under 30 secs if you looking for a a quick transport etc..
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    CLEO RELEASE [PRIVATE] Vehicle Path Recording RELEASE

    Yeah use vehicle recorder along with onfoot recorder.. Idk much in coding so I'll tell you what to use as an alternative you can use ahk Make ahk script that plays the records in a delayed time of your calculations So the script should play your.. Lets say you have to go get a car after the...
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    APP PlayerFinder 0.3.7

    Looks nice good job
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    APP NameTagHack 0.3.7 / 0.3.DL [CLEO/EXE/ASI]

    Does the asi one fall for bandicam?
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    Regarding horizon roleplay hzg

    I didn't use sandibox I used sampfuncs multiprocess.. maybe it has something to do with that..
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    Spec Players :D

    Not possible
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    Can anyone disable this launcher?

    What is the server name ?
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    Can someone send me this cleo?

    It doesn't work anymore in most of servers