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    Check mod_sa source for offset, for another way to enable nametags that are disabled by the server check;, yes i know this is posted in c++, but you could just grab the addresses and use 'em.
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    CLEO HELP How to know which dialog button was pressed?

    There's probably no pointer, and if it is, it's being cleared the same frame by the dialog process function. You'd probably need to hook some close/callback function.
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    CLEO HELP Get position from front

    0407: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_car [email protected] with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 You need to advance the offset, 0, 0, 0 would be the center of the car. Alternatively you could get the bumper component position. Try it like this; 0A97: [email protected] = car [email protected] struct 0A8C: write_mem 0xB7CD68 size 4 val [email protected] vp 0 if...
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    CLEO HELP How to close a code?

    What do you mean by 'close code' if it's a loop you can 'break' it, if it's a function you can 'return' from it, if it's a thread you can 'end' it.
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    CLEO HELP Get position from front

    Relative to what? Camera direction or the car? You could use 0407: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_car [email protected] with_offset -0.337 1.566 0.657
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    CLEO HELP Actor Data

    Those opcodes need a valid actor/ped to work, if the player is not streamed, then there is no actor/ped created for it.
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    C# Basic Memory Hacking in SAMP

    Maybe you mean samp module base address, since the GTA SA base address would always be 0x400000, the default for x86 procs. Then it's not a static offset relative to samp module, use CE to generate a pointer map for the address, and filter out bad results.
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    Set or clear chat input text

    In the same way as this ; 0x80F60 is CDXUTEditBox::SetText (0.3.7 R1), call it like this ((void(__thiscall *)(void*, const char*, bool))samp.dll+0x80F60)(CInput->szInputBox, "hello", false); Use the function, since it's a dynamic...
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    i have big dik
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    How to kill gta/samp when it freezes

    just check this, and you should be golden.
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    Script -> Client RakNet colors? big confuse i am

    You receive RGBA color, but you need to pass ARGB to 'addToChatWindow' addToChatWindow((color >> 8) | 0xFF000000, "%s", res.c_str());
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    Script -> Client RakNet colors? big confuse i am

    Show some code example, there are two different 'chat' messages, players chat and messages, also is it sent or received? If you don't use SF API, maybe you forgot to skip the first 8 bits which contains the packet indentifier?
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    How to make launching samp easier (for testing)

    I'm stuck at this, is it supposed to be relative to my kitchen or bedroom window?
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    CLEO HELP Question about 0C11

    [email protected] = strlen [email protected] [email protected] = strlen [email protected] memcpy([email protected] + [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) memset([email protected] + [email protected] + [email protected], 0, 1) // null char Also, all these functions(RtlFillMemory, strcat, strcpy etc.) are exported by ntdll, so u can use this tutorial, to make shorter and easier functions.
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    VirtualProtect usage

    Read-only segments, like .text(contains executable instructions) or .rdata(contains static constants). Since these are read-only by default, modifying code inside these segments(hooking, byte patching, changing value of constants) without write access for the region would result in an access...