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    APP python gta mini hack

    sorry if you misunderstood, i need to have something like this :CLOSE_DIALOG { 0.3.7 - R3 0AB1: @CLOSE_DIALOG 1 Button 0 // 0 = Left , 1 = Right } IF 0AA2: [email protected] = "samp.dll" THEN 0A8E: [email protected] = [email protected] + 0x26E898 //...
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    APP python gta mini hack

    tyvm for ur code i started a project and you saved a lot of time. im not an expert, but i think here its a bit improved version. u can read player x y z coordinates import ctypes import struct import wmi import sys import win32api as wapi import win32process as wproc import win32con as wcon...
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    CLEO SNIPPET Copy string to new pointer

    actually needed that, but for lazy ppl like me with sampfuncs 0C24: strncpy destination [email protected] source [email protected] size [email protected]
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    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] Convert 3D position to 2d Radar screen pos

    if i have fixed coordinates and I am too far "assuming MAX_DISTANCE 300.0 meter" will it try to display on radar even i am out of reach or not? regardless, tyvm
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    [Python] Coding

    anything you could recommend for python 3.8.1?
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    might work, will give a try but for {ffff00} %s?
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    hi i need to scanf this text: the issue is, these 7 numbers can be either yellow or grey making it 128 possible outcomes and i think there should be more efficient way to scan these texts example text: {33CCFF}[7 is 42]{FFFFFF} Iskrite kamuoliukai: {919191}6 {919191}36 {ffff00}13...
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    samp set_current_dialog_item_list is not working.

    just to suggest, use 0B4C after /buy as sometimes I had similar problem when server lags and wait command is useless
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    Getting numbers out of chat strings

    scan string format would do the trick and for numbers its %d 0AD4: [email protected] = scan_string [email protected] format "%d + %d = %d" [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] //IF and SET
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    idk I would use set virtual key true/false if it was me, anyone can tell me difference to that snippet?
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    how to modify a cheats enable and disable im sure you will figure out
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    how to modify a cheats enable and disable

    how would you like to activate or deactivate?
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    CPP RELEASE SA-MP 0.3.7 Source Code leaked

    who leaked it?
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    Fast Reload.

    put this before main 0B34: samp register_client_command "reload" to_label @onoff [email protected] = 1 add one statement if and 0AB0: key_pressed 1 8AB0: key_pressed 0 [email protected] == 1 put this in the bottom after main :onoff wait 0 0B12: [email protected] = [email protected] XOR 1 if [email protected] == 1 then 0AF8...
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    Reading text like this

    very velkom