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    CLEO Anti chainsaw xzytro crashing

    :computer_guy: Hmm i think i made a problem here : by forgetting to add Actor.putat. But i'm not sure.  :imoverit: Idk how to use 0ab1 anyway.
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    CLEO money cheker

    // This file was decompiled using sascm.ini published by GTAG ( on 14.6.2013 {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- thread "MONEYCHECK" :MAIN repeat wait 0 until 0ADC:  test_cheat "CHECKMONEY" 010B: [email protected] = player $PLAYER_CHAR money if 0029: ...
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    CLEO What's the jump animation

    JUMP_glide JUMP_land JUMP_launch JUMP_launch_R When you jump only once, your character does 3 different animations. First launch, then glide, then land.
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    lol nice  :ppffh:
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    CLEO RELEASE SmartSpeedBoost.cs

    I can no longer find a script-wise fault. And i don't get crashed with it. Idk what the problem is. You shouldn't click the button only once, you should hold it for the boost.
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    CLEO if chat is not opened

    First off, if you wrote "if and", that means there will be more than 1 condition. And secondly, the most important part, when you put "not" on a condition, you must change it's number's first digit from 0 to 8. In this case, 0B21 will be 8B21. So it should be like this;
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    CLEO Cleo.cs wont compile with older {$VERSIONS}

    Instead of trying to edit the auto_getmats.cs, use autocmdsender, which is Level 2 of auto_getmats.cs, having an editable .ini file where you can set your own commands for your own coordinates.
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    CLEO Cleo.cs wont compile with older {$VERSIONS}

    {$VERSION 3.1.0027} is not obligatory. You can simply put this : {$CLEO.cs}
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    CLEO Unusual SAMPFUNCS Issue

    The new version of SAMPFunctions (v3.1.2) can be downloaded from the attachment.
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    CLEO Why doesn't works?

    Can be done in cleo only with memory editing as there isn't a specific opcode for it. And i think it can be done only if 0x688 and opcode work together on it.
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    CLEO RELEASE Ihitman.cs

    Depends on the server. In some servers it doesn't.
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    CLEO RELEASE SmartSpeedBoost.cs

    Open the .ini file, you will see "Key1" and "Key2" which have 18 as value, see your value for Left Shift by scrolling down the .ini file until you reach "Key List", and notice that there is Left Shift, Right Shift etc with their values written across them. And figure out that Left shift's value...
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    R.I.P Windows XP
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    CLEO Cleo time.

    I don't know the reason, probably springfield knows. I say he would know about it because there was a cleo which shows your current car's name somewhere as a textdraw, and it wasn't blinking for him, but it is blinking for me. We surely lack something that we both don't know about.