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  1. Anonymou5

    A question about skins

    Its possible to put keylog, virus into a skins? because I downloaded skin, and thinking about that cuz that player from where I downloaded skin he known as keylog, virus putter into cleo @Edvincik @Parazitas @monday @Opcode.eXe
  2. Anonymou5

    Skin Aimbot with Friend List

    Is there is any skin aimbot where I can set skin ids so it wont target it ( for free ) ?
  3. Anonymou5

    private hacks

    Which private hacks you know? Want to see which is the best to buy   :iknowwhatyoudidthere:
  4. Anonymou5

    CLEO Arrest a player which is nearest you.

    How to make a cleo with a command which do a thing to a nearest player to you.  I need a thing with it like /arrest but command should be /ant make someone have a thing with it and could replace the /arrest with /ant ?
  5. Anonymou5

    ban evading dayz

    yo, how to succesufully evade from uL dayz? It has good catching system, I was banned, I`m using GPCI unbanner, so I can join server after I join server after some minutes admin ban me for reason ban evading wtf? I changed my ip adress cuz my internet is modem what I have to do?
  6. Anonymou5

    Help sobeit help

    Heyy, soo I installed blue eclipse 3 and my samp got black screen after 1 min it show: gta_sa stopped working, and when I want install directx it show: Directx is already installed, any help?  :red_eyes: :red_eyes: :red_eyes: :red_eyes:
  7. Anonymou5

    CLEO slide bug macro request

    Heyy, I need this macros: as cleo or ahk.exe
  8. Anonymou5

    CLEO [req]aimbot for lagcomp off

    Hey m8s, maybe someone give me amazing aimbot for lagshoot that I can cbug with him? )) Btw, sorry for requesting here I cant request in cleo requests, maybe some1 why I can`t?
  9. Anonymou5

    Help me with s0beit

    Hey, so help me someone, i downloaded s0beit from here named "Eclipse" I installed it, opened my samp, click button to join server, and i see black screen, after 5mins i see message "gtasa.exe stopped working" Someone give me your gtasa.exe or something! Help me please!  :bawww: :bawww: :bawww: