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    Static Crosshair

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    [SAMP 0.3DL] Chat mod

    I'd help but I honestly don't know you're asking for
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    Brigtness level

    gamma is what you need
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    CLEO 0B49 doesn't work for dialog type 5
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    CLEO 0B49 doesn't work for dialog type 5

    0B49: samp set_current_dialog_list_item [email protected] This opcode only seems to work for dialog type 2 (DIALOG_STYLE_LIST).  I need to select items from DIALOG_STYLE_TABLIST_HEADERS which is dialog type 5 and is a similar looking dialog. How would I do this?
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    CLEO script help

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    CLEO Not Working

    Line 13 is part of the issue
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    CLEO Adding Cleo commands

    Use the time you spend playing SA:MP to learn basic English imstead. It will help you in the long run.
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    CLEO Edit my hitbox / reduce dmg?

    this ain't Minecraft lol
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    CLEO [HELP] Aimbot

    how fucking dumb and primitive is this ideA
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    CLEO [REQ] Stick to vehicle

    on it
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    CLEO Edit it?

    you dont have a PC or something?
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    CLEO Smooth

    lol if your friend sold you an aimbot for money then he is not your friend
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    Hmm. What are your full PC specs?
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    CLEO about asi plugins

    ^Yeah a template mod would be useful if someone is willing to share
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    CLEO Cleo keeps crashing, need a little help

    you're missing an object handle ($18880)