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    Armor and Health hack and goes up and down

    Pulsator.cs ON/OFF = CTRL + H btw, I didn't test it.
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    samp version memory address?

    check the RakSAMP Source code maybe it can help u..
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    CPP RELEASE [TUTORIAL] - Add ImGui Into your s0beit

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe I can create RainBow s0b? nice tutorial! xD
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    s0beit help

    CarShooter? hmmmm use OverLight v3..
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    auto scroll (2-2)

    // Maybe this can help you.. if (cheat_state->_generic.AutoScroll == 1) { static bool state_of_weapon = false; actor_info *ped = actor_info_get(ACTOR_SELF, NULL); static DWORD timer = 0; if (ped->weapon[3].id == 26 && ped->weapon[3].ammo_clip <= 2)...
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    new hax screens/vids

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    CPP RELEASE [ASI] Hook RakNet + ImGui By GAM

    good job, can i run this cheat with anttweakbar?
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    CPP RELEASE [ASI] Hook RakNet + ImGui By GAM

    good job, can i run this cheat with anttweakbar?
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    m0d_sa [Mod Sobeit] for 0.3 DL

    RE: [Mod Sobeit] Menyo for 0.3 DL Good job Gigant.
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    Hi members.. as we know we can not see our cheats.. I mean Invalid Aim Z, shaking camera, twist mode etc.. because the structs synced for other players.. how I can sync them for myself?
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    m0d_sa [Mod Sobeit] OverLight v3 (with source code)

    I think because of Sampfuncs and cleos.. delete them and test it.
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    m0d_sa New Cool Sobeit 0.3.7

    Good job Gigant.
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    CLEO SAMP Green Screen Mod
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    for example

    someone can send me a example function for m0d_s0beit? I'm trying add some functions to m0d_sa.
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    How I can run ATB?

    Hi UG-Base members, I added AntTweakBar to m0d_s0beit i created a new menu but i when press "f2" menu not works. ah btw i added AntTweakBar hotkeys to ini.cpp and ini.h still not works.  - Sorry for my bad english.
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    CLEO turkish coders

    Try now.
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    CLEO turkish coders

    Check your Private Messages.
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    m0d_sa [Mod Sobeit] OverLight v3 (with source code)

    LOL Thanks for source code.
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    CLEO ultimate server lagger? how?

    Use OverLight Project Or TrollBoss.cs Edit : I found his Server F*cker.  Note : I not tested maybe works, maybe not work.