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    Hi members.. as we know we can not see our cheats.. I mean Invalid Aim Z, shaking camera, twist mode etc.. because the structs synced for other players.. how I can sync them for myself?
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    for example

    someone can send me a example function for m0d_s0beit? I'm trying add some functions to m0d_sa.
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    How I can run ATB?

    Hi UG-Base members, I added AntTweakBar to m0d_s0beit i created a new menu but i when press "f2" menu not works. ah btw i added AntTweakBar hotkeys to ini.cpp and ini.h still not works.  - Sorry for my bad english.
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    About AntTweakBar

    Hi UG-Base Members, I Have some questions. I'm working on a sf plugin I included AntTweakBar the code. But I Don't know how to add a Menu enabler / Disabler and New Cheats menu? - Sorry my bad english.
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    [QUESTION]S0beit Lagging my game.

    Hi UG-Base members I Have a question about all s0beits I buyed a new computer my old computer not have any problems with s0beits and I when use s0beit my game lagging FPS : 20-30 and I disabling my s0beit (F12) my fps increasing. how to fix this problem? Note : Sorry for my bad english.
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    Merhaba :D
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    April fool :D
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    About Crashers

    Hi UGBase Members, I have a question Server owner can see Server logs my Bullet Crasher And my IP Address?
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    How to Create Aimbot?

    I want create silent lagshoot aimbot how to create?
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    La Pirula Project 0.3.7

    La Pirula Project updated for 0.3.7 but not working crashers and bots. :(
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    How to Bypass a s0beit?

    Hi, I Have a s0beit but s0beit not have anti s0beit bypass. how to bypass s0b? who know a way?
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    Maybe Possible.

    I Need two s0beit same time it is possible? maybe possible maybe not possible.
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    Turkish RakSAMP for Turk Cheaters

    Link Kaldırıldı. / Attachment Removed.
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    Turkish ProAim.cs

    ProAim.cs Edited By Me!
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    CLEO RELEASE Turkish Fake Bullet OMG!

    Hello, I Edited Fake Bullet.cs for turks. Enable / Disable : NUMPAD - Note : you need cleo 4.3 + SAMPFUNCS 5.3.1 Or Latest version. KILL ALL PEOPLES THE Minigun! :D
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    N3X 0.3.7...

    Just Watch, Don't Request.
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    s0beit source about

    I Have La Pirula Project source , But La Pirula Project for 0.3z how to update 0.3.7 ? I Edited La Pirula project texts for me :D
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    I Need Invulnerable Source

    Send Me Invulnerable source code I Want make Invulnerable.exe
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    CLEO Fake Bullet Weapon

    Hello I Have Fake Bullet.cs I Want Edit Fake Bullet weapon Because killing with minigun but I Want Killing Tear Gas