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    Help with draw text in screen

    When editing this cleo my purpose is to obtain the distance between me and the players with a specific color (like blue). I have put a text (the ID) to the player's position out of stream to know in which direction it is located. But activating the cleo shows the text duplicated (1 text to the...
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    Help with Car Fake Speed Sync (problem with delay in RP Server)

    Im using the Snippet of 0B36 and everything works as it should be. I use it to avoid the speed limit that the RP server sets. My problem is this: the code takes a while to pass throw the label, because when I activate the cleo, the speedometer shows 0 km (that's how i set it up) but...
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    Help with Player list (get only 1 color names)

    Hi everyone I am using PopandaulX's cleo Players List I want to know if it is possible that only nearby players with the same name color (like red) appear on the list and the others are ignored. That is what I am looking for, but I would also like to know if I can also get a list of the...
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    Help with this .Lua messages please

    When I activate the lua file, it prints a line that says “FAKE LAG ON,” but this message remains active until it is deactivated. (The deactivation message is deleted after 5 seconds, there is no problem) I am looking for this message to be deactivated after a few seconds If someone can help me...
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    Fake AFK Crash - someone please

    Hi Everyone I have a problem editing this cleo with Sanny Builder. I want to translate it to English for personal use, but when I compile the cleo and test it my game crash after 2 seconds after loading the cleo. I emphasize that I only modify the messages that the cleo sends to the server...
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    Help with this CLEO please it's easy for you

    I know this is a dumb thing but I want to ask you who work with some languages on this website I want to translate a cleo for personal use but I totally ignore this language, I know it is Russian but at the moment of using the translators they only recognize a few words and it doesn't give me a...