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  1. qweasdz

    Calling dialogs by ID?

    Hey, is it possible to call out an dialog by ID? What i mean is, it would be similar like textdraws, if you know the ID of it, you can call it whenever you want. I want the exact thing like textdraws, but with dialogs. Pls don't suggest dialog hider lmao, thanks! (PS. And if its possible, how...
  2. qweasdz

    Going to class selection without dying.

    Title says it all, if i press f4 to go to class selection, i first need to die to get there. Is there a way to go there without dying? Thanks!
  3. qweasdz

    Anti-vpn(Proxy) Bypass.

    As the title says, i have trouble bypassing anti vpn (Proxy) anti cheats. Tried different Vpn's, none of them works. Is it even possible? TY <3
  4. qweasdz

    Weapon.dat damage editor.

    If i edit damage for shotgun from 10 (Default) to like 50. would it work on samp servers? if so, would it be detectable as rapid or something?
  5. qweasdz

    Putting weird simbols into chat.

    Heya, question is, is it possible to type in chat in those little dots, as like you are typing a password. Im typing normal text, but on my screen it shows those little dots, and when i send the message it would be normal text. Im trying to prevent crashing myself when typing " ׂ ץףי" Into samp...
  6. qweasdz

    Disabling mouse pointer.

    Hello, i was wondering, is it possible to disable that black mouse pointer somehow? that i could freely control the angle of the camera. The problem is, when i hide the dialog, the mouse pointer is still there. I tried to open a new dialog and close it manualy, but it still doesnt work. Help...
  7. qweasdz

    Text draw teleporter.

    Hey, i am looking for a textdraw/3dtextlabel teleporter, or just that i can see it being far away. It doesnt have any pickups/objects to it, it just shows text. Something like that exist? Thanks!
  8. qweasdz

    Login timer bypass?

    Hello, Is it possible to bypass a login timer somehow? I managed to spawn in the same virtual world with all the players, but when the login timer goes to 00:00, it kicks me out (As shown in a red box), How can i stay in the game even when the timer hits 0, or can i freeze that somehow? Thankss
  9. qweasdz

    Game speed less than 0.

    When you try to set your game speed to 0% or less and try to drive a car, server thinks that you drive at 100km/h for example, but you barely moving. Is it possible somehow to make that you DONT MOVE AT all but the server thinks that im going at 100km/h? Thanks <3
  10. qweasdz

    Trying to spawn, when not logged in.

    Hello, When you try to spawn when not logged in it sets your camera to your player, but you will start to fly really fast into the ocean and up. You can disable this by activating air breake, but you cant enter any cars. Is it possible to disable that flying somehow WITHOUT using airbrk? That i...
  11. qweasdz


    Looking for an anti afk cleo when you minimize the game, my player still not be afk. (No movement related anti afk bots, my player would be a passenger) Thanks <3
  12. qweasdz

    Set your hp to 1.

    Hey, as the title says. Im looking for something that could set my hp to 1 after i respawn. Anything like that? thanks!
  13. qweasdz


    Hello, is there any way i could do that when i pick a pickup, it doesn't disappear? Would be good if there is any cleo of it :D Samp patches dont work. Thank you! <3
  14. qweasdz

    Fake ping... But for others?

    Hey, im looking for a cleo/asi plugin/sob feature/method or anything that could Fake the ping, but for another player? If its even possible nowadays. I remember back in 2012-2013 i played on a server, and a guy used to fake everyones ping somehow to like 800+ and server autokicks the player...
  15. qweasdz

    3d text label editor.

    Hey, is there any cleo/sampfunc plugin or something that can change what 3d text label says? Just for my screen ofc lul Thankss <3
  16. qweasdz

    Freeze yourself cleo.

    Any cleo that can freeze yourself? thanks:)
  17. qweasdz

    Force spawn.

    Hey, any way you can force spawn yourself without logging in? And is it possible to do it from mod sa? tytyty
  18. qweasdz

    Samp crashes...

    Hey, when i try to start any SA-MP server, it just loads a little bit, and then shows this: SA-MP 0.3.7 Exception At Address: 0x0040FB80 Base: 0x04300000 Registers: EAX: 0x138BF278 EBX: 0x146FAD38 ECX: 0x00000000 EDX: 0x00000000 ESI: 0x04478C68 EDI: 0x146FAD38 EBP: 0x00000118 ESP: 0x0177FC88...
  19. qweasdz

    Mod sobeit for r3

    Anywhere i can find Original mod sobeit for r3? or at least a modded one with the original features. Thanks:)
  20. qweasdz

    Looking for a cleo, something like this.

    This cleo shows the player IP address? :Wut: Is it even possible to get players ip with a cleo like this? Any answers would be appreciated! :) P.S: Skauda danti, padekit shaika..