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    HEEEHLP cant use .cs files.

    Hi  :ppffh: I cant open .cs files cuz they show me dis shit    :yuno: I just cleaned ma pc and upgraded to x64 and now i just askd myself wat fkin programm i need for .cs files  :imoverit: Hehlp me  :angry: , ty  :somuchwin:
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    N3X Crah with Cleo4.1

    Hi, I finally can play samp with n3x and fixd the crashes , but when i add Cleo 4.1 and aimbot.cs from Opcode to the CLEO folder and start samp (as Admin) it crashes at login screen.  :imoverit: Why does it crash  :computer_guy: Regards Luca :urtheman:
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    I got sampfuncs mgafuncs and cleo, this thing is still makin nothin' Oo also on nsg server :yesyes: :red_eyes:
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    CLEO Mgafuncs4 -> Crash

    Still crashing  :bawww:
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    CLEO Mgafuncs4 -> Crash

    Hello, Im tryin to install mgfuncs , i copied the mgafuncs folder into the cleo folder and copied the mgafuncs4_3Impossible.cleo into the cleo folder. When i start now samp and join a server my samp crashes .. :bawww: Btw : i have sampfuncs installed. Regards - Luca.