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  1. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE Monstercat.cs Healhack without Overlay

    The normal monstercat has in the bottom left corner a overlay that shows you which mode is activated/deactivated.
  2. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE Monstercat.cs Healhack without Overlay

    Me too dude, but i have delete it a few months ago and i just have it again, and i wan't to help guys who doesn't have this.
  3. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE Monstercat.cs Healhack without Overlay

    Hey guys, i just edit the file so you don't have the Overlay "TRUE/FALSE". It was very simple and easy :D Works also for 0.3.7! I hope you have fun with it, but i don't know if any Monstercat.cs without the Overlay already exist. All rights goes to Monstercat!
  4. Breezy

    Problem mit N3X Project

    Sorry dass ich das hier jetzt auf deutsch schreibe, ist aber egal.. Ich habe ein Problem mit N3X Project, ich habe ein neuen PC und auf dem PC funktioniert das nicht mehr. Auf meinem Laptop hat es geklappt, aber nun kommt diese Fehlermeldung: " Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "Direct3DCreate9Ex"...
  5. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE LagTroll.cs - troll other players

    When i press the right mouse button is everything okay, but when i press the left mouse button, crash my gta.  :table_flip:
  6. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE GPCI Unbanner [CLEO!!!]

    WalkingDead i have Cleo 4.1 too, but i become warning opcodes. Why?
  7. Breezy

    CLEO RELEASE GPCI Unbanner [CLEO!!!]

    I become warning opcodes when i will join a server, and than my game crash. )Sorry for my bad english, im from germany
  8. Breezy


    Re: Ammo HaX [UNDETECTABLE] It's doesn't work for me. I become warning opcodes and than crash my game.  I have Cleo 4.1  :computer_guy:
  9. Breezy


    Re: [SE] SA-MP DayZ Weapon Hack Instantly crashes, when i join a server.