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  1. Valiuks


    hi i need to scanf this text: the issue is, these 7 numbers can be either yellow or grey making it 128 possible outcomes and i think there should be more efficient way to scan these texts example text: {33CCFF}[7 is 42]{FFFFFF} Iskrite kamuoliukai: {919191}6 {919191}36 {ffff00}13...
  2. Valiuks

    starting out with sampfuncs

    hi, is there any decent guides to write sampfuncs plugins? im more interested in software is used and how they compile into .sf. i have knowledge with C.
  3. Valiuks

    executing .bat file with cleo

    any ideas how?
  4. Valiuks

    0AF4 opcode variable

    hi original opcode is 0AF4: [email protected] = read_string_from_ini_file "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key "stringKey" but i need something to look like this 0AF4: [email protected] = read_string_from_ini_file "cleo\config.ini" section "SectionName" key [email protected] and it doesn't work. my question is it possible to...