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    I've recently found some old abandonned project in my pc, but it crashes if I use it, i need a bit of help {$CLEO .cs} {$INCLUDE SF}   0000: NOP       0001: wait 1 ms   0BE3: raknet setup_incoming_rpc_hook @RPC_IN       :RPC_IN 0BE5: raknet [email protected] = get_hook_param PARAM_PACKETID if...
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    CLEO Hooking RPC

    Hello, so i've been trying to do some things with RPCs, but I can't understand shit I get that there is incoming and outcoming RPCs, that we can intercept and all, but I don't know how to use it in SB. I read the sf_raknet tutorial on blasthack, but it's hard to understand. Can someone...
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    CLEO Spectate Warn

    Hi, Is it possible to check for a plauer blip on the map?  In my case, i wanna check for an admin's blip, if it disappears, then he is possibly spectating. (Just need to know if we can check player blips)
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    CLEO check for gametexts

    Is there a way to check for a specific game text on the screen ? For example whenever "ugbase" is written oh the screen (using game text ) the mod would do what Ive written after. (If it can help, I have the position of this game text)
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    CLEO disabling a mod

    Yo, how can i make a Cleo disable ? I have this: I edited the Cleo by myself, I know a liiiiiitle bit about Cleo scripting, but I don't have enough knowledge to make it disable. (I can enable it in game but can't disable)