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  1. hypnotic

    SB Hack v1.0

    SB Hack v1.0 difference between this multi cheat from others is its customization. The ini file, you can customize absolutely everything. From the interface colors to completely activate the buttons for each function! screen: functions: GM's Flew...
  2. hypnotic

    Fake FPS

    The plugin allows you to f**k servers FPS counter. Of course on servers without such counter this plugin is useless minimum and maximum FPS can be any, even in minus their exhausts, but servers usually verify that the FPS is more than 0, which is sad. Activating the settings menu /ffps...
  3. hypnotic

    Obstler cheat menu [Public Version]

    Hi, [the cheat menu contains] Player Boxes red/green/blue Player Tracer Spread factor Distance ESP Autoshot Aimbot smooth BoneTrigger Bone ESP red/green/blue Crosshair Playerchams red/green/blue front/behind Sphere ESP Sphere Radius Triggerkey Filled ESP [Files contains in .rar]...
  4. hypnotic

    CLEO [CLEO] Planter.cs

    Hey Can some one help my i found this cleo called "Planter for GTA San Andreas" Click Here For The Link Its a pretty old cleo modification for single player but it those work online i tested it on the cheat server from ugbase. if you see on this picture i can spawn items but the problem...
  5. hypnotic

    CLEO [CLEO]Looking for a 2 shot sawn-off [auto on]

    Hey sounds bit stupid but i have a auto 2-shot cleo for sawn-off by activating 1+2 space to increase the speed but it doesn't always work. those some one have a auto enable one that stays always on for sawn-off looking for a cleo 4.3 one not like a o most look a like no reload but just a...
  6. hypnotic

    [help] Eclipse mod v3 can't find command line to set in mod_sa to false,

    Hi all after editing most mod_sa line's. if come across a problem, that i can't seem to find in the txt edit, The blue one's i mean. Those any knows the line's so i can set it to false or add the lines to the mod_sa if looked 10x time's i can't seem to...
  7. hypnotic

    Need A bit of help,

    can any one give me this cleo file' or mod ?