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    R.I.P Windows XP
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    Hi, As a reply to this cleo request, i release a simple mainchat spammer which puts more than 300 entries in 1 second if activated. In order to activate the mod, we type SPAMON Then it says "hold k to spam", if you press K only once, it will put 300 spams in less than 2 seconds. Imagine what...
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    CLEO How to use "0ADC: test_cheat"

    Hi, I recieved a PM about a cleo tutorial which shows how to create a simple cleo file that activates when the user typed something on keyboard. So let's do it  :challenge_accepted: What to do uhm.  :surprised: Oh! , a cleo mod that gives nitro to the car when typed "NOS". Open Sanny Builder...
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    CLEO RELEASE SmartSpeedBoost.cs

    Hi  :ppffh: I am releasing this cheat as a reply to this cleo request. You can edit these things : Remember to put .ini and .cs file together inside the CLEO folder. Without the .ini file it will give error and then won't function. Rar password is the name of the website, as usual. Have...
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    CLEO SNIPPET [SNIPPET] Ammo in clip

    Current Ammo in the clip 0A96: [email protected] = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR struct [email protected] += 0x718 // Current Weapon Slot 0A8D: [email protected] = read_memory [email protected] size 1 virtual_protect 0 0A96: [email protected] = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR struct [email protected] += 0x5A0 // Start of weapon data (28 bytes) [email protected] *= 28 005A: [email protected] += [email protected] // Get weapon structure [email protected] += 8...
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    CLEO RELEASE Ignite & Auto-Eject

    Hi, As a reply to this well-prepared cleo request topic, i have completed the script as it was easy. It allows you to burn a vehicle or to auto-eject yourself from a vehicle after a certain time. It can be configured from a detailed .ini file : Archive password is the website's name, as...
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    a short carbreakdance

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    CLEO RELEASE autokeysenderv1.0.cs (a.k.a FACKIN' PRO KEYBINDER!)

    :ppffh: Hi, After the previous automator cleo called autocmdsender.cs which sends commands automaticly, and after this cleo request : I have decided to make a cleo keybinder that presses a button which is written inside it's configurable .ini file.  :forever_hurra: You can configure these...
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    CLEO RELEASE autocmdsender.cs(Upgraded to 10 Slots)

    Hi, Springfield and i, present you, the advanced version of auto_getmats.cs, our new autocmdsender.cs  :forever_hurra: By using this cleo and it's configurable .ini file, you can send server commands automaticly in specific coordinates. In auto_getmats.cs, you could change only the command...
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    Sucky Suckyyy

    You sucky sucky Me cocky cocky
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    CLEO RELEASE SniperZoom.cs

    Allows you to zoom x32 :urtheman: CLEO Sniper Zoom x32 While on scope; you press Y only once ==> x16 Zoom you press Y again after x16 zoom ==>  x32 You press N => zooms out 1 step. For example; if it was x32 then it goes back to x16, if it was x16, then it goes back to x8, which is the...
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    How to send forum PM

    For some people this might look a bit awkward, but for some people this is really a serious question. So lemme show how : First you click on the "New Messages" button. Now, you choose the "New PM" option. In this page, you first type the name of the guy who you send the pm to, and as...
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    The spam section.

    Uhm. :geek: :geek::geek: As a result of contemplating for a while about what had happened in a week on the forum, i just started to think that we don't need this "spammmm" section, as it gives the forum users too much of a kind of liberty by making them think of it as a place where we can...
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    World's best Pole Dancer

    [youtube:fuorlznh][/youtube:fuorlznh] That one ain't so good, this one's better : [youtube:fuorlznh][/youtube:fuorlznh] :megusta: :megusta::megusta:
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    Everything about Samp Functions

    This thread is a bit hard to reach, without a link to that thread you need to search for hours. So i will make this sticky thread which contains only the important informations and files about samp functions from that crowded, grammar-killer thread of styler...
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    NOTICE : Create your threads in the related forums above.

    Hi visitor, In order to make the forum easier to use, we no longer put things inside "General" forum directory. * If you want to release an info or a mod or something, go to GeneralReleases, * If you want to ask help about something, go to GeneralHelp, * If you want to share a snippet with...
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    You just don't like links ? I've found out this website : You copy&paste the link, and click on "Deadfly!", it finds out the hidden link. Though i am not really sure if it still gives a click count to the link's creator.
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    CLEO RELEASE auto_getmats.cs

    Hi, For RP servers (especially NGRP) i have scripted a cleo mod which does /getmats command in a specific coordinate for each amount of time which you can configure by editing it's .ini file. If you want it to repeat the command each 4 seconds you type 4000 in the ini, if you want each 2...
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    CLEO RELEASE 2shotterv2.0

    Hi, I have searched for some 2shot automator cleo files, and i have found out that they have either some bugs, or some automatic unwanted actions (ex. switches weapon even after 4shot, which causes stupidity). Therefore i have designed a 2shot automator, which doesn't bug, crash or do some...