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  1. Safa

    change the file to work without the green target

    Why don't you just fucking use OpHax?
  2. Safa

    SA-MP 0.3.7 Source Code leaked

  3. Safa

    Shooting from under the map

    Silent Aim (+ shoot through walls when you use OpHax, uncheck ignorewalls).
  4. Safa

    Help Weapon Switcher code *{c++}*

    Plzzz sampcac bypass tooo pls send
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    LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION ADDED • We have added Lifetime subscription for those who want to purchase a never ending subscription • Note: 'Never ending' in this context means the lifetime of our services (so, no you will not likely be allowed to purchase this cheat in 100 years)...
  6. Safa

    Help objectfinder

    If there are no objects created by server you won't be able to find those due to Serverside.
  7. Safa

    Dice Hack

    I sent you a PM with this hakke
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  10. Safa

    Help OPHAX-ESP

    You gotta use CLEO 4.1 - Try it out.
  11. Safa

    Help OPHAX-ESP

    Wrong CLEO Version I think.
  12. Safa

    extra samp opening?

    No because there is no SAMPFUNCS for 0.3DL
  13. Safa

    CLEO New OP-HaX for 0.3.7

    Maybe it's just you.
  14. Safa

    Help No collision lantern

  15. Safa

    Need help!

  16. Safa

    NameTagHack 0.3.7 / 0.3.DL [CLEO/EXE/ASI]

    No clue what you are talking about tbh. You maybe can use the sauce of the s0b to remove features / copy out specific features.
  17. Safa

    NameTagHack 0.3.7 / 0.3.DL [CLEO/EXE/ASI]

    If the server has enabled markers all over the map, it can be shown. So basically if you have options to receive player informations (positions etc.) you have more possibilities.
  18. Safa

    NameTagHack 0.3.7 / 0.3.DL [CLEO/EXE/ASI]

    No. Anything over 300.0m isn't streamed.
  19. Safa

    Wall Hack without CLEO (.exe file)