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  1. springfield

    DLL Call

    Find the text buffer in memory, attach CE, break on write, trace it back. I don't know what pChat/pChatBox is supposed to be w/o context.
  2. springfield

    DLL Call

    Well, for some elements(controls etc.) you can find the static size buffer, and just copy to it, for others(input, lists etc.) that use dynamic buffers, you need to find each function. while true wait 0 if 0ab0: 49 // press 1 then alloc [email protected] = 64 format [email protected] "hello...
  3. springfield

    DLL Call

    Your offset, 0x6AE30 (0.3.7 R3) is inside a sa-mp font rendering function, nothing related to dialogs. Also is vague which part of the dialog text you want to edit, caption, content, input etc. The last variable is used to store the return value.
  4. springfield

    leg aimbot

    he has a feet fetish
  5. springfield

    Weapon.dat damage editor.

    If the server relies on 'OnPlayerGiveDamage' callbacks, editing the output damage should work.
  6. springfield

    happy easter

    happy easter
  7. springfield

    Connecting on a server

    Disconnect first?
  8. springfield

    samp set_current_dialog_item_list is not working.

    You need to pass a button, 0/1, also list items index starts from 0.
  9. springfield

    Help how to press a key in a cleo script?

    You could use; 0B47: samp close_current_dialog_with_button 0
  10. springfield

    add imgui into s0beit..ERRORS?!

    You probably didn't add the .cpp files to your project, since the tutorial you linked doesn't reference any library.
  11. springfield

    c++ triggerfinger problem

    Check if both pointers are valid, before trying to read/write 'em.
  12. springfield

    How to include Open-SAMP-API into code

    Add the folder where "SAMP_API.h" is located to the include directories in the project settings, or move it to where "main.h" is also, or include it using its relative path to the solution folder.
  13. springfield

    Use the [img] tags i guess, not sure.

    Use the [img] tags i guess, not sure.
  14. springfield

    Help with snippet

    Use 0AA8: call_function_method 0x4048E0 struct 0xB74494 num_params 1 pop 0 $MyCar [email protected] with the class pointer.
  15. springfield

    GTA SAMP integrated anticheat??or something else? C++ problem
  16. springfield

    C++ samp auto payday.

    What opy said is better, do it inside raksamp, you can catch/respond to samp dialog events programatically.
  17. springfield

    anyone that knows how to re

    Google a tutorial meybe? There should be plenty.
  18. springfield

    CLEO PickUP.cs - teleport other players to you.

    All these pickUP mods, and you still can't pick up a girl.
  19. springfield


    Why y'all arguing over nothing, especially on Christmas, become like water my friends. Just for reference, same features(+/-), same ac bypasses(SAMPCAC, ACV2 etc.); (1500~ active subscribers) etc.