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  1. ItsRobinson

    Help Timing Issues Basically the server has a server-sided health bar that messes up and covers your full HUD or just looks terrible for people with different resolutions and widescreen, so I made a LUA mod for the server a few months back and now I'm simply translating that mod to CLEO as...
  2. ItsRobinson

    Help Timing Issues

    I tried simply just a position check and it seemed to crash or just not delete the text draw, but I’ll give this idea a try in a little while and let you know how I get on
  3. ItsRobinson

    Help Timing Issues

    So basically I have a section of code inside my while true loop that is supposed to check if a variable is less than 3, if it is then delete a textdraw if it matches the specific criteria, it is only supposed to do this 3 times. (Basically trying to delete 3 textdraws that make up a server-side...
  4. ItsRobinson

    Help IF statement always false

    0B35: [email protected] = get_last_command_params IF 0AD4: $NOT_USED = scan_string [email protected] format "%d %s" [email protected] [email protected] //IF and SET THEN say "first check" if [email protected] > 0 then say "greater than 0" if 0C29: $NOT_USED = stristr string1 [email protected] string2 "Width" then say...
  5. ItsRobinson

    Help IF statement always false

    I don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong. :resizeHealthBar 0B35: [email protected] = get_last_command_params IF 0AD4: [email protected] = scan_string [email protected] format "%d %s" [email protected] [email protected] //IF and SET THEN say "first check" if 0C14: strcmp string1 [email protected] string2 "Width" then say "inside first string check"...
  6. ItsRobinson

    Help Delete a textdraw with a specific text.

    So basically I'm trying to delete a textdraw that has a specific text as soon as samp is ready, I have been converting one of my LUA mods to a CLEO and this is the last bit that I can't get to work. Here's my LUA code so that you can get an idea of what I'm trying to do: (under my loop) if...
  7. ItsRobinson

    Help draw_texture

    Check your PMs
  8. ItsRobinson

    Help draw_texture

    Yeah it was the amount of memory I was allocating that was breaking everything :) I got it semi-working now, it's loading the textures, but it's displaying the wrong ones. I'm assuming it's something to do with what you mentioned about the "[email protected] += 4"...
  9. ItsRobinson

    Help draw_texture

    I've tried interpolate your way of doing it into my program. It completely broke everything aha. (everything flickers and I can't log in) alloc [email protected] 100 0AB1: @LoadPictures 1 [email protected] This is straight after the check to see if SAMP is available ^ (outside of the loop) //icon 0470: [email protected] =...
  10. ItsRobinson

    Help draw_texture

    :drawIcon 0470: [email protected] = $PLAYER_ACTOR format [email protected] "cleo\HDhud\resources\%d.png" [email protected] 0B71: render [email protected] = load_texture_from_file [email protected] [email protected] = 1578 [email protected] = 91 [email protected] += 6 0B73: render draw_texture [email protected] pos [email protected] [email protected] size 75 75 rotation 0 color 0xFFFFFFFF return I've got a gosub to the function above, which...
  11. ItsRobinson


    So I'm trying to get the input from a dialog input box, it works fine, I get the input but when the box closes, nothing happens, if I re-open the dialog box, then the input updates. sampShowDialog(450, "HUD Colors", "Enter the HEX Color Code\nExample of one of these is: FF0000", "Enter"...
  12. ItsRobinson

    CLEO stops SAMP working

    So I don't know what the fuck I've done but here's my issue: I'll be randomly playing (sometimes when I tab in and out) and GTA will freeze and pop up with the "-....not responding...." error. As soon as I close GTA out and try to relaunch, nothing happens, I get a loading circle next to my...
  13. ItsRobinson


    So I've played with an ENB for about 2 years, been very nice and enjoyable, beatiful looking, but recently the server I play on has had a massive boost in players and in Idlewood my FPS was dropping from my average of 120 to 40~ So I'm now just looking into finding a nice colormod, which I...
  14. ItsRobinson

    Radar Visible

    So I've been trying to work this out for so long, so SAMP servers that have a spectate feature most likely use this SAMP function Which makes the map disappear, it just leaves the map ring but the actual map is invisible. However, with...
  15. ItsRobinson

    Chat ID's

    I've been looking at this by @monday I feel like this is sort of what I wanna do but the problem is it's never going to be the same string. Here's what I'm trying to do: I want to make the CLEO store the ID that it finds on a chat line, for...
  16. ItsRobinson

    Skipped Code

    {$CLEO .cs} :Lockpicks thread "Lockpicks" :Lockpicks_10 wait 100 SAMP.Available else_jump @Lockpicks_10 :picklocksx325 wait 0 if and    key_down 17    key_down 111 jf @picklocksx325 alloc [email protected] 64 alloc [email protected] 256 alloc [email protected] 0 jump @dothelocks //This section is completely...
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    :TestArea_SPAWN 0001: wait  0 ms if key_down 101 goto @TestArea_INITIATE :TestArea_TURNOFF [email protected] = false printf "TestArea ~g~OFF" 1337 goto @TestArea_SPAWN :TestArea_INITIATE if [email protected] = true 004D: jump_if_false @TestArea_SPAWN if 00A4:   is_char_in_area_3d $PLAYER_ACTOR from...