1. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE PickUP.cs - teleport other players to you.

    Enable: Write /pickup into the chat to toggle it. Enter a vehicle and hold rightclick to choose a player. Then hold leftclick to pick them up. Download: Requires: SAMPFUNCS, CLEO 4.1, ASI LOADER
  2. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE New OP-HaX for 0.3.7

    OP-HaX Install & Download: 1.) Get a clean GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) Install SAMP 0.3.7: 3.) Install CLEO 4.1: 4.) Download OP-HaX: 5.) Put the OP-HaX files into your GTA SA main...
  3. R4ul_Ik


    Source: Cheat: Compatible Radardiscs: Functions: - Visual Menu: -- Player ESP . -- Player Names . -- Player Chams . --...
  4. 2Jeffrey2

    Cheat for MTA:SA 1.5.6

    I'm selling a "trainer" for MTA:SA 1.5.6. It's undetected, up-to-date and working as intended. It doesn't have a lot of features atm but it's undetected and shit. After purchasing you're allowed to share it with your friends if you want to, I'd advise not to share it publicly with too many...