1. I

    CLEO REQUEST How remove color green square from skin aimbot.

    That green box how to remove it.
  2. C

    CLEO REQUEST Red County Roleplay Hacks Please?!

    Really in need for some hacks for RCRP aka Red County Roleplay, could be something even like aimbot that would be perfect for me, I hope someone replies to this I've been looking for quite a while now. The name of the SAMP client they currently use: 0.3.DL-R1 Client This is the link to their...
  3. xHype

    How to find entity list of objects? (Vehicles, players, peds, etc.)

    Hey guys, I would be really appreciated if somebody really help me with that. I know how to find list of players in Assault Cube, we bassicaly looking for a pointer that points to the first player, then we add +0x4 to the pointer and we have pointer to next player, etc, etc. But in GTA: SA? I...
  4. S

    SA:MP 0.3.7 Keylogger (Stealer)

    The moment when you have nothing better to do than doing shitty things. I see it as an interactive project since no one in my country made something like that. Only russians made it. This project has no bad intentions, once bought the buyer will get the sources if he wants to, with the...
  5. G

    Get selected index string Dialog List

    How to get the text of selected item in a dialog list and show it in a chatmsg? I wanna get all columns of selected Index... Server Version : 0.3.7-R2 This code takes only the first column. =( {$CLEO .cs} 0000: NOP wait 10000 // wait until samp is ready [email protected] = 0 while true wait 0 if key_down 45...
  6. E

    [CODING-LUA] Enter car problem

    So heres the code : taskEnterCarAsDriver(PLAYER_PED,car,10000) local currentCar = getCarCharIsUsing(PLAYER_PED) local carid = sampGetVehicleIdByCarHandle(currentCar) sampSendEnterVehicle(carid,false) So, it normally works, (enters on the car and all) but the server still kinda of not...
  7. wilKy

    question about pedstats

    Hello, i know this isnt about cleo but i want to ask if i can somehow change in pedstats.dat the dmg i receive or do?
  8. xKahraman

    Need Aimbot .DLL ( SA-MP 0.3DL )

    hello, i need a aimbot DLL. would be nice if you could help me? Only .dll
  9. Fritoss

    C++ samp auto payday.

    Hello everyone! Basically, I'm new with c++ and programming, but I managed to create a program, that's open RakSAMPClient at XX:59 logins and wait for payday, after payday it close RakSAMPClient and waits for next payday. Everything sounds good, but it's uncomfortable because you can't use your...
  10. N

    Does anyone have a download link of SA:MP 0.3.7 R1?

    I don't find any R1 version and SAMPFUNCS only supports R1.
  11. MrUnknown

    Enable client sided peds in SA-MP

    I've been wondering if there's a possible way of enabling peds in SA-MP for a long time. Only peds on the sidewalks, no traffic. If there's a way, I'd be thankful if someone would let me know how. Yes, I know that the peds would be desynced and other people wouldn't see them, no need to tell...
  12. Mila.cs ✅

    new hax screens/vids

    :fapfap: show your noob hax 2018 here by posting pics or vids of them imma start