1. SobFoX

    m0d_sa Johny-Project MultiHack for 0.3.7 and 0.3.DL soon !

    Description: CHEATS SA:MP 0.3.DL v2 DOWNLOAD This small project was created for release some hacks for the 0.3.DL version due a high demand. Discord v1.0 Functions List: @==Mini [email protected] DL: Aim DL: Rage Hack DL: TriggerBot DL: BikeInvisible DL: InvisibleKiller DL: Sniper Bugger v2.0 18/1/19...
  2. Sekai

    Sobeit doesnt work on Windows 10 [SOLVED]

    Heyyyy dear reader. Not so long ago I got my new computer, installed GTA San Andreas and SA:MP right away, after a while of playing on a server i noticed that I dont actually have sobeit on. Sooo I installed sobeit , nothing else. I dont have any cleo in it, or mod. Just... Pure... s0beit...