Mar 31, 2014
Hey there,
first of all, after 4years of registration here this is my first post in here so please, be gentle. =)
as most of you know there was a version of deamx which was originally made by trc_ in 2008 ( WOW! ) and I'm just updating it.
so no one tried (or maybe did tried but didn't share) to update this library.

the public version has only SA:MP functions and callbacks which where available in 2008. (omg 10 years ago ? )

So I just decided to update the libraries and fix some bugs, too.
Okay enough with BS..

Fixed Bugs :
  1. Fixed the bug with callbacks parameters like in OnPlayerText, it has ' text[] ' parameter but the old version of deamx would make it ' text ' so yea basically it removes the var type tags and [] of strings in callback parameters during deamx
  2. Fixed the bug with ' Menu: ' var type tag since its name in script was similar to parameters in ' printf ' and ' format ' so the deamx would consider simple vars used in ' format/printf ' as menu type vars and adds ' Menu: ' tag
Whats New ?
  1. Added all SA:MP functions till 0.3.7
  2. Added all SA:MP callbacks and fixed the old ones because of non-typed variables
  3. Added new variable types like PlayerText, 3DText and such


  1. Adding some famous includes like streamer, sscanf and etc.
  2. Adding Anti-DeAMX bypass

This is not an application like Easy DeAMX, it's only lua files which you need to use them with lua builds and run deamx with your file name.​
I'll add a tutorial how to do tho; and also I'll probably make an application to easy usage, too.​


so here's my DeAMX github repo, feel free to fork and create PR to change it and make it much better!​