Instant Vehicle Jacker

Apr 19, 2018
Topic says it all. This will jack any unlocked vehicle near your position and puts you as the driver. If there is a driver already in that car, he will be ejected. This is mostly a copy paste as there are CLEOs like this already, but I just changed the activation key and while in the process of making this, I found a way to bypass UIF's anti cheat applied to this type of hacks so here ya go;

[J]: Jacks the car.

For servers like UIF with anti-cheat, press [F] + [J] to jack the target vehicle and it will be synced with the server. Make sure your target is a kinda isolated from the rest of the cars so the hack can pick up the exact target car to jack. You will get the idea how to do it after a couple of jacks.

I don't know how to get the exact ID of the car that we get directed to when we press the [F] key in the game normally, that's why this hack still need you target car to be kinda isolated from the rest to jack properly, specially in servers like UIF with anti-cheat.

In servers with weak anti-cheat/no-cheat, you can jack any random car close to you just by pressing the [J] key. No need to use the [F] key in those type of servers.

I'm unsure about the code and side-effects of it. Post fixes below if there's any.