[Request] Show Previous Dialog 0.3dl

Nov 18, 2014
* Name of the mod (if the mod doesn't exist, you don't have to tell one): Show Previous Dialog
* Where you saw it (not the server, we mean if you saw any videos/screenshots about it or not): Slonoboyko sobiet -- We press P so it shows the last table you had
* What do you want (the most important part, explain this carefully): I want it without Sobiet because when I try it.. It crashes for me and idk why..
* Details (add more details to your request): Why I asked for it because I use use for a buguse.. for example when u log into a server and the last table appeared was the login... You show it again and you press enter.. all your stats get reseted to the last time you logged in.. which means you can restore your wasted money or anything... It was working for me two years ago in some servers 0.3.7.. Now, I want it for 0.3dl
* On/off key (specify it): P