m0d_sa [SAMP]RapidFire's Project Attack V2.2 RELEASED[0.3.7]

SA-MP Version
Dec 16, 2018
ENG: Use this at on your own risk. (Getting banned from servers, jailed etc).
TR: Bu projeyi kendi sorumluluğunuzda kullanın ve bütün yazılanları okuyun bu konuda, Türkçe yazılar bıraktım sizler için umarım yardımcı olur...(Bilmediğin şeyi açma, eğer İngilizce anlamıyorsan da kullanma projeyi.) (Sunucudan banlanma ve bazı tehlikeli fonksiyonları kullanmak sizin sorumluluğunuzda.)

RU: Используйте это на свой страх и риск. (Забанение с серверов, в тюрьму и т. Д.).
Hello mates, I am releasing my s0beit project "Project Attack".
Note #1: My English is not good. I know this, i'm trying to do best as i can.
Note #2: If there will be a update, I'll post again.
Note #3: If you don't know where to put the files GTFO(Get the fuck off).
Note #4: I don't care if another project has feature x or whatever you can be happy if I update anything on Project Attack.

Some definitions in this thread.
F2 Menu = "AntTweakBar" You can see AntTweakBar menu by pressing F2. Don't like F2 key? Alright mate, you can adjust the key in RapidFire_Project_Attack/rapidfire_project_attack_settings.ini file.
F11 Menu = "dumb_menu" You can see dumb_menu by pressing F11.

Choose box means, You can only enable one function/feature of them/these functions/features.

Menu lists in "F11" menu
  • New Features
  • Car Operations
  • Weapon Operations
  • Aim Operations
  • Vision Operations
  • Troll Operations
  • Chat Operations
  • Protections
  • RakNet Bots
  • RakNet Operations
  • Developer List -> Credits & Some Informations

Buttons & Functions in "New Features" menu.
  • Fake Kill[My Self]
  • God Fly
  • MapRun[Speed can be adjustable from F2 menu]
  • Ghost Mode[You can pass through players]
  • Twist Mode #1[Spin 360 Degree with Parachute]
  • Twist Mode #2[Spin 360 Degree with your current weapon]
  • Camera Mode
Player Ped Modifications
  • Upside Down[Random Quaternions]
  • Head Walk
Crashers[There is a choose box]
  • Invalid Bullets Crasher[Use Weapons->M4,AK-47 Etc][Need Source code of this crasher? Go Discord Server]
  • Pass Crasher[There should be some cars, do not be InCar] + Click Left[Need Source code of this crasher? Go Discord Server]
  • Roll Crasher[Same as Pass Crasher][Need Source code of this crasher? Go Discord Server]
  • Detonator Crasher[No need to any weapon or vehicle][Need Source code of this crasher? Go Discord Server]
  • Tuning Crasher[This crasher is not working on shitty servers even. This crasher sucks. %95 Possibility of get banned from server][I don't think you will need source code of this.]
  • Important Note:About Crasher features in 3 language:
  • EN: Turning on some crashers can be a reason for get banned.
  • TR: Siz Türklere bu Crasherleri kullanmanızı tavsiye etmiyorum, mahkemelik olma sebebi falan diyorlar bilmiyorum, uyarmadı demeyin sonra. Aynı şey Bot faktörleri için de geçerli.
  • RU:Включение этой функции может стать причиной запрета.(I've translated it from Google Translate)

Other Functions
  • Walk Through Walls
  • Speed Walk[Speed can be adjustable on F2 menu]
  • Spawn me when my HP < 30
  • Spawn at Death Position[Some Servers]
  • HP Pulsator[0-99 HP Up & Down -> Random]
  • Armor Pulsator[0-99 Armor Up & Down -> Random]
  • Player Deformer[Shortcut-Keys: 7-8-9-0][Not Numpad]
  • Fast Respawn[When you die, you'll be spawned in 1 second]
  • Disable Fall Animations[When you fall, you will not see Fall animation]
  • Disable Stun Animations[When you got stun, you will not see stun animation]
  • Drift Points[I don't know how it works lmao xD]

Buttons & Functions in "Car Operations" menu.

In-Car Operations / You must be in a vehicle for use these features.
  • Crazy Car #1[All Colors]
  • Crazy Car #2[All Wheels]
  • Crazy Car #3[All Paintjobs][Some cars is not supports Paintjobs, so this feature/function is not for all cars]
  • Crazy Car #4[Only Black & White]
  • Car Component Flooder[This feature is not synced for project users, because it's very powerful lagger 354 FPS to 27 FPS Note: I've tested it on my computer lmao]
In-Car Operations

  • Pick Car[Aim to car]
  • Ex Attacker[Nearest Target Player]
  • Do you want use "Make Explode Cars"[Enabling this feature, will explode every car while using other car functions.[Is NOT including In-Car Operations->CrazyCars & Car Component Flooder]
  • Car Shooter[#1, #2]
  • Car Circle[#1, #2] /* On Version 2.2, there can be a more car circle + contains adjustable settings(Circle radius, speed and +Z Coordinates etc)*/
  • Car Fucker[#1, #2] /* On Version 2.2, there can be a more car fucker + contains adjustable settings. */
  • Car Follows[#1, #2] /* On Version 2.2, there can be a more car follows + contains adjustable settings. */
  • Car Floating[#1, #2] /* On Version 2.2, there can be a more car floating + contains adjustable settings. */
  • Car Sun /* I don't think any new setting for this function. There is already Angle, Z+ Height, ABS Speed and Degree To Radian Value. Note: You can find these settings on F2 menu */
  • Car Position Lagger /* You can find X,Y,Z Coord settings on F2 menu */
  • Hop Cars
  • Respawn Cars
  • Smoking Cars
Car Deleter/Destroyer Cheats
  • Remove Cars
  • Explode Cars
  • Delete Cars
Car Colors/Wheel Cheats
  • Colorize Cars[This function changes colors random all streamed cars]
  • Wheelize Cars[This function changes wheels all streamed cars]
  • Black & White Cars[This function makes all streamed cars black & white]
  • Pink Cars[This Function makes all streamed cars pink]
Car Troll Cheats
  • Follow Troll
  • Z Follow Troll
  • Unnamed Troll
Buttons & Functions in "Weapon Operations" menu.
  • Auto 2-2[You need a Sawn-Off Shotgun]
  • Auto Sawn-Off Deagle[You need a Deagle and Sawn Off Shotgun]
  • Double Gun #1
  • Double Gun #2
  • Auto C Bug #1
  • Auto C Bug #2
  • Fake Bullets[ATENTAT BOT -> Using Long Time = BAN]
  • No Recoil
  • No Reload[A different no reload but old function]
  • Return The Damage
  • Weapon Damage Increaser[Aka:Shot-Repeater]
Buttons & Functions in "Weapon Operations" menu.

Rage Functions %100 Detected
  • SpinBot [#1 -> Looking: UP]
  • SpinBot [#2 -> Looking: DOWN]
Rage Functions %100 Detected
  • Auto Aim - Rage[180 Degree Spin][Shortcut-Key Z]
  • Auto Aim - Legit[Super Smooth][Shortcut-Key: X]
  • Silent Aim [For settings, check F2 menu Settings list:Click here]
  • Shoot Through Walls[For use this feature, you need to turn on SilentAim.]
Buttons & Functions in "Vision Operations" menu.
  • Black Chams Only Skins
  • Black Chams Skins With WireFrame
  • Black Chams Weapons
  • Black Chams Weapons With WireFrame
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Red Chams Only Skins
  • Red Chams Skins With WireFrame
  • Red Chams Weapons
  • Red Chams Weapons With WireFrame
  • ---------------------------------------------------
  • Green Chams Skins
  • Green Chams Skins With WireFrame
  • Green Chams Weapons
  • Green Chams Weapons With WireFrame
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Blue Chams Skins
  • Blue Chams Skins With WireFrame
  • Blue Chams Weapons
  • Blue Chams Weapons With WireFrame
  • -------------------------------------------------------
  • Original Chams Skins
  • Original Chams Skins With WireFrame
  • Original Chams Weapons
  • Original Chams Weapons With WireFrame
Other Vision Assistances
  • See Players HitBox[for LagComp-Off/LagShoot Servers]
  • See Players HitBox[Makes Rainbow the box, you have to enable first func]
  • Bone ESP Players
  • Tracer ESP Players
  • Box ESP Players
  • 3D Information About Players[Thanks @Gigant]
  • Draw New HUD[Enabled by default. to turn it off by default, go to RapidFire_Project_Attack/rapidfire_project_attack_settings.ini]
  • See a list of Admins
  • See a list of Your Friends

Buttons & Functions in "Troll Operations" menu.

In-Car Troll Operations

  • Player Car Shooter
  • Enable iTroll
  • iTroll #1
  • Speed Up
  • Burn and Throw #1
  • Burn and Throw #2
  • Spin 360 Degree
  • Flip
  • Explode
  • Teleport Car to Magnet
  • Hop Car
  • Teleport Car to Middle map
  • Teleport Car To Water
  • Stop Car
Invisibility Funcs
  • Invisibility #1[Very High Z Position = 999.0f]
  • Invisibility #2[Low Z Position = -35.0f]
  • Invisibility #3[SilentInvisible]

  • UnSynch[Fake-Slapper][Note: You can find Radius and Sync setting on F2 menu]
  • Car Elevator
  • Invalid Aim Z[Hide body on Aim]
  • Derp Cam #1[Use M4, AK or Minigun for best effect]
  • Derp Cam #2[Same as Derp Cam #1, just different Invalid Cam ID]
  • Googles Disco/Disco Mode[Good func!!!]
  • Player Skin Elevator
  • Player Jetpack Elevator
  • Player Slapper[For speed, F2 menu.]
Buttons & Functions in "Chat Operations" menu.
  • Adjustable Flooder #1[Flooder Characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9] & Settings is Run Delay setting Text]
  • Adjustable Flooder #2[Binary Numbers[0-1] & Settings is Run Delay setting and setting Text]
  • PM Flooder[Command: "/pm", On version 2.2, this will be adjustable command for yours. & Settings is Run Delay and Lenght]
  • Matrix Spammer
  • Write What They Say[Copies everyone's writed things.]
"Protections" menu.
  • Protection against Bullet Crasher
  • Protection against Invalid Bullets Crasher
  • Protection against Passenger Crasher
  • Protection against Roll Crasher
  • Protection against Car Troll Functions
  • Protection against Detonator Crasher & Tuning Crasher[Infinite Warnings, same as Anticrasher.asi/.cs]
  • Protection against Loading... Bug[Anti-Loading Crasher]
  • No Collision for Actors
  • No Collision for Vehicles
  • Unlock FPS[For 90+ FPS]
Buttons & Functions in "RakNet Bots" menu.
  • Add Bot
  • Add Bot With Number
  • Spawn Bot[Your Class[Same Team/Skin]]
  • Spawn Bot[Random Classes]
  • Disconnect 1 Bot from Server[Reason:Leave/ing]
  • Disconnect All Bots From Server[Reason:Leave/ing]
  • Disconnect All Bots From Server[Reason:Timeout/Crashed]
Bot OnFoot Functions
  • Bot Follow Me[You need to spawn bots first]
  • Bot Circle[Left Click & Right Click on mouse]
  • Bot Shooter
  • Bot Sun
  • Troller Bots #1 -> Elevator
  • Troller Bots #2 -> Jetpack-Elevator
  • Troller Bots #3 -> Slapper
  • Bot Fuck #1
Bot Function Settings
  • Bots Distance From Me
  • Bots Distance From Bots
  • Bot Connection Delay(MS)
  • Bot Target ID
  • Bot Use Nearest Players as Target
Buttons & Functions in "RakNet Operations" menu.
  • Use Fake GPCI
  • Information About My Fake GPCI[Serial-Info]
  • NPC Connection Checker[If a NPC ajoins, tell me]
  • Disable Sending Bullet Data
  • Disable Sending Player Data
RakNet Connection Functions
  • Fake Leave -> /.fleave
  • Fake Kick -> /.kickme
  • Fake Timeout -> /.ftimeout
Note: I've deleted the attachments for version 2.1.
Note: I'll post to that thread when v2.2 will be ready.

Added Functions/Features in "Car Operations" menu.

iTroll functions are removed from F11 menu. New place is F2 -> Troll/Funny Cheats menu.
AntTweakBar menu[F2 menu] functions

Added Functions/Features in "RakNet Bots" menu.
  • Bot Roll Crasher
  • Bot Derp Cam #2[Cam Shaker]

Added Functions/Features in "Chat Operations" menu.
  • Flooder #1 are fully adjustable anymore[Settings: Flooder Settings]
  • Flooder #2 is removed from project.
  • PM Flooder command can be adjustable anymore.
Added Functions/Features in "Protections" menu.
  • Protection against "Direction Crasher"[I don't know how this crasher work, i've just fixed high value]
Some Client CMDS:
/.add_nbot <Add Bot with number >

/.derpcam -> Enable Derpcam #1
/.derpcamoff -> Disable Derpcam #1

Anymore AntTweakBar menu is very colorful. Not only black.

Special Thanks to: DarkNeX, Gigant, SobFoX, Stickey, dark, Mila.cs, RcK, MasterZero and k0nakonu.
Contact for support: Discord Server


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nice work buddy
and while using legit aimbot function it guides me to nearest player onfoot.((legit aimbot açıkken yürüdüğümde en yakın hedefe koşturuyor beni))
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Mar 24, 2017
im not turkish lol. i translated it to turkish because i didnt think that he can understand