Where to Buy Enameled Copper Wire

Aug 11, 2018
Where to Buy Enameled Copper Wire? As enameled copper wire widely using in power, telcome, electrical, engineering industries, and it is enabled with good conductivity. Manufactured with quite user-friendly and safe approach, these wires are available in different sizes and easy to handle. So choose a professional enameled wire manufacturer for enameled copper wire is important, here i recommend you xinyu-enameledwire, we bring out a range selection of enameled copper wire.
Types of Xinyu Enameled Copper Wire:
Polyster Enamelled Copper Wire
Particular: 130
Thermal ClassSpecification: IS 13730/IEC 60317 Part-34:2000
Size Range: 12 SWG to 38 SWG
2.642mm to 0.152mm
Modified Polyester Enamelled Copper Wire
Particular : 155
Thermal ClassSpecification : IS 13730/IEC 60317 Part-3:1996
Size Range: 12 SWG to 38 SWG
2.642mm to 0.152mm
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