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    CLEO help with aim

    nvm, try this out instead lmao
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    CLEO Working Health Hack on NGRP!!

    lol, incorrect request format tho.
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    CLEO Hacks to use in RP servers and how not to get busted

    1) Turn it off if you're going to record or screenshot. Don't make it obvious that you see someone through the wall, i.e. 'look around' for them before going towards the person. 2) Only toggle it on at certain times. 3) Only use it occasionally, don't use it at large heights. Hope this helps.
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    CLEO [HELP] Get Player ID and then sending a command to Sa:Mp

    :face_palm: SAMPFuncs is an ASI buddy,
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    CLEO RELEASE Bullet Crasher 0.3z

    You should close this so it dont get patched, oh wait prolly too late  :angry: