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    [Request]Car Troll Cleo. So I used to destroy cars with this, but it needs sampfuncs. I need something similar to this without sampfuncs, so I can destroy cars at LSRP.  :D
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    Nametag for 0.3.8? so I found this video and I don't even know if this is legit or nah since I need sampfuncs to get nametag working.  Is this is real? Can someone share the way to use nametag on 0.3.8 version?  :sadpepe:
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    CLEO Slapper.cs or some like that.

    So there's s0beits like blue eclipse with slappers n shi, but is it possible to not fly around like crazy and do the slappy thing? I use it in RP servers it's hella fun till some dude sees me flying around like motherfucka.  :sadpepe: and maybe there's some cleos like kill player and their car...
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    [Search] CS 1.6 Silent aim, steam.

    Someone have this silent aim?!!!-by-leis!/ bcuz link is deleted..  :yuno: :yuno: I rlly need it.
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    Project s0nicTz 0.3z other link.

    Hi all, someone can post the other link, cause this is one with surveys. I fu**ing hate surveys  :angry:
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    [Question]Opcode.eXe 0.3d s0beit. i just remember this s0beit and i wanna quest or this imposible to get on 0.3x now?:D
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    Help Fucking NGRP has Sobeit Hack Protection now!

    when you join to the server, press not / "" you got unfreeze and can play :D :D:D
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    CLEO How to make a simple cleo script

    osom :D :D:D , thanks xzytro
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    CLEO RELEASE Fast AutoCbuG and AutoShoot

    me? :D :D:D [CBuG] key=162 key2=53 wait=80 realod-Key=48
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    CLEO RELEASE Fast AutoCbuG and AutoShoot

    lol how to active ?:D
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    opcode cheat wtf?:D need help.

    Hello guys, i see the server promo video and wtf at 0:42 sec how opcode do this?
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    Voice changer?

    Hello all, i just wanted the voice changer for teamspeak 3 or skype. :D :D:D i wanna troll my friends :D :D:D . sorry for bad english
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    CLEO RELEASE [CLEO]Invisible 0.3x

    in car work?:D
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    CLEO RELEASE LaggerMove.cs

    lol , nice :D :D:D
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    Help What is the best Sobeit ?

    Trollbeit BTW