1. M

    [REQUEST] Hydra aimbot

    I would really like to be able to aimbot to ab on Hydra on rp servers, hope a cheat can be created to serve this manner! thanks
  2. A

    [C++] External Simple, Normal, Poor and Smooth aimbot (.exe)

    Hello! If anyone says that this is outdated, I swear, I took my grenade launcher and I'm going to you !!! P.S. There is still no source for the external aimbot for SA:MP in the Internet, lol. Dont forget this : #include <math.h> #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> Lets do it. Memory.h...
  3. A

    CLEO SNIPPET Screen Camera Look at Position(Multi-Purpose)

    This Snippet will instantly make your Camera Look on a specific 3D location. This Snippet actually has many uses like: Make our Camera Follow/Lock-on a certain Actor by feeding this snippet with its Position. Can be Used as an Aimbot, just feed this with a specified Camera XZ-Offsets for the...
  4. T

    SF Plugin Nestn Multihack For WTLS

    Nestn Multihack Multihack For WTLS With Lot Of Features - Anti Fire,Teargas,OilSlick,Flashbang,Mine To Disable Serverside Weapon Effects - Anti Weapon Stuck To Ignore (Chainsaw,Fire Extinguisher,Spray) - Minigun Ammo Saver - No More Waste Your Minigun Ammo On Space When Shooting Players -...
  5. T

    Help - SA-MP AIMBOT

    Hello, Don't you know somebody's aimbot that targets the players in the car or when I'm in the car as a passenger to target the other players in the car? please thanks!
  6. C

    [ExtremeCheats] [SAMPCAC] | Legit & Rage Multihack

    Welcome. I present to the ExtremeCheats. Features: The ability to play on a completely clean GTA. Does not depend on SF, CLEO, LUA. Full unloading from game and clearing cheat information Two aimbots: Silent and Smooth, and can set in full legit When recording on Bandicam, OBS, Action - all...
  7. xKahraman

    Need Aimbot .DLL ( SA-MP 0.3DL )

    hello, i need a aimbot DLL. would be nice if you could help me? Only .dll
  8. U

    SF Plugin KAMARAT

    KAMARAT MULTIHACK made primarily for legit cheating (cant insert gif here after edit so heres the preview) Credits Pink / SongsLover (Me) DomiNo Tyler Special Thanks bMe crew NikoxD Requirements 1.) GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) SAMP 0.3.7 R1 3.) CLEO 4.1 4.) SAMPFUNCS Installation Extract...
  9. Z

    Wheel Aimbot

    searching for an aimbot that only aims at wheels
  10. Opcode.eXe

    CLEO RELEASE New OP-HaX for 0.3.7

    OP-HaX Install & Download: 1.) Get a clean GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) Install SAMP 0.3.7: 3.) Install CLEO 4.1: 4.) Download OP-HaX: 5.) Put the OP-HaX files into your GTA SA main...