1. _Safa

    APP SafaHook

    Meeeh, I thought I would just release my CLEO which only has some Visuals / ESP features and some misc stuff (as I was too lazy to do aim-assistance thingys and personally I always just used ESPs for my advantage). Settings are not saved as there isn't much stuff and there are no connections to...
  2. U

    SF Plugin KAMARAT

    KAMARAT MULTIHACK made primarily for legit cheating (cant insert gif here after edit so heres the preview) Credits Pink / SongsLover (Me) DomiNo Tyler Special Thanks bMe crew NikoxD Requirements 1.) GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) SAMP 0.3.7 R1 3.) CLEO 4.1 4.) SAMPFUNCS Installation Extract...