1. D

    APP Samp Multi-Tool By [DS]Galaxy/GalaxyGeri [ HOT!!! ]

    -Spam Flood- Joins Server and start spamming ( auto ) :D -Crash Bot- -Bot Crash ( 4 Mods )- Rhino CR. Vortex CR. AT-400 CR. Join Flood ( Too many bots! ) -Commands T- Check/Tick your fav cheats ( for example : Auto C-Bug ) Activate T. = Activates Selected Cheats Commands : –GX...
  2. Blume

    CLEO RELEASE TwistPlayer.cs - make your character strange

    I haven't released any works since I join this forum, so today let me share you a funny cleo xd. This CLEO random your quaternion, and let you keep doing random broken animations It only sync for other players, so you can't see what's change of you. (also work when shooting) Just type "/tw"...
  3. 0pc0d3R

    ASI Versus Project | Cracked by ЯedЯuM

    Activation: X key Note: In "Prop" folder click "Use SAMP" Crack by me. Multihack author: Surse
  4. U

    SF Plugin KAMARAT

    KAMARAT MULTIHACK made primarily for legit cheating (cant insert gif here after edit so heres the preview) Credits Pink / SongsLover (Me) DomiNo Tyler Special Thanks bMe crew NikoxD Requirements 1.) GTA_SA US/EU v1.00 2.) SAMP 0.3.7 R1 3.) CLEO 4.1 4.) SAMPFUNCS Installation Extract...