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    MEMZ.exe Trojan
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    [Q] Kill counter

    There is any address that count player kills ?
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    CLEO I want to find cleo in this vid

    Its called "slapper". There are many scripts out there, just search for it.
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    Help Glowing Players?

    Do you mean "Heat Vision" (Thermal Goggles) ?
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    [Tut] How to get cancer

    Click here
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    CLEO Please UG-BASE More hard help

    If there is Anti-Kick or Anti-Ban (I don't think so) No-one will release it.
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    The Legend of Trigglypuff
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    Ugbase at the past*/ just browse there...
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    [REQ] Money Cheat

    plz ! sumun g0t muneychit 4 me ? i nid it to chit un me server plz ans fastt i nead to rush b !
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    [REL] Crash.asi (The best plugin that ever released)

    crash.asi [/spoiler]
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    [Q] Discord server

    There is any Discord server for UGBase ? For the people that doesn't know what Discord is; Discord is better than Teamspeak. (More Info) @0x688 @springfield ?
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    [REL] Nickname changer (Synced)
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    [C#] Click button ID [Help]

    How I can send click button request by id without WebBrowser
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    [Q] About External Cheat [CPP]

    ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory(probably yes, I think) is detectable in csgo ?
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    Add myself to friend list..

    AND IF I GOT NO FRIENDS !??!?!? FIX THIS @0x688 !!!!!!!!