Config Generator

This will cause the slow swimming bug you can toggle it in-game!
    Min FPS Max FPS
Fake the "FPS Value" the server receives, with this you can play with low fps on FPS limited servers or the opposite.
This will allow you to record while playing, it'll hide the overlay from known recording software(s).
Be aware that this option is a little bit "experimental" so it may cause crashes.

Target Settings

The max value of pixels the crosshair can be away at max for the target to be considered valid, higher -> easy to detect, lower -> harder to detect.
The max range in 3D Space between the local player and possible target to be considered valid (0 = disable).
The target selector will ignore friends.


Determines a random chance of "hit" when you shoot using a pseudo random number generator.


The will ignore all lagcomp on damage to friends.
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    Oct 13, 2018
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