1. malonex

    CLEO LUA Help me cleo/lua

    Можно ли преобразовать код cleo в lua? Я не очень хорошо разбираюсь в cleo/lua, помогите новичку. -- Это litefoot cleo (стиль макроса мыши)
  2. K

    Auto Walk to check point

    i need a cleo that can do checkpoint auto walk
  3. Parazitas

    [CLEO] Some multi-samp snippets

    :get_samp_version_id // 0AB1: @get_samp_version_id 0 _returned: ID 0@ 30@ = 0 IF 0AA2: 31@ = "samp.dll" // IF and SET THEN 31@ += 0x128 0A8D: 29@ = read_memory 31@ size 4 virtual_protect 1 IF 29@ == 0x5542F47A THEN // 0.3.7 R1 30@ = 1 END IF 29@ ==...
  4. S

    [REQ, samp] base cleo 4.4 keybinder

    Hello, anyone can make for me base cleo keybinder for samp 0.3.7 R4? i need Off and on toggle. the rest ill learn. thanks.
  5. Exploder

    CLEO Help Help With Opcode

    So , like the title , how to use 0C45: samp create_3d_text id 1337 text "SAMPFUNCS" color 2@ position 3@ 4@ 5@ view_distance 6@ show_behind_walls 7@ attached_to_player -1 attached_to_vehicle -1 to create a 3dtext at a position I want? like create it at 383.45 -2090.80 7.84 text "Oops" color...
  6. F

    CLEO Help Can someone help me?!?!?

    How i can solve this error Unknown directive printf "~Y~Paketic ~W~Je ~W~U ~Y~Blizini" 21@. Here is the picture of the code can someone help me please
  7. 4

    CLEO Help Changing activation to LMB

    Hi, I would like to change the activation of this cleo to "LMB" if that's possible. Thanks for help 4r017
  8. Mociutes_Blynas

    Project_Fuego V3 (UPDATED)

    Hello guys after few months im updated Project_Fuego so Enjoy IT Password: ugbase.eu Virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/69c304562d6047f8499286862357bc33a90cbbec0c1658e87cf43bb26263b542/detection DOWNLOAD