gta sa

  1. S

    Help help me please

    i wnat cleo show all hidden players in radar for wtls server work in samp r5 witout crash iknow version in lua name radar reaveal hack but i want version ceo please someone make for me
  2. S

    Help help please

    some one make this .lua script to version cs. please script_name("Infinite Run") script_description("Infinite run with automatic activation") script_author("checkdasound") local mem = require "memory" function main() while true do wait(0) if isSampAvailable() then...
  3. Ch4rli3

    CLEO Help PayDay (Pays per hour)

    Is there any way to multiply the number of paydays received per hour to level up faster? I once saw a guy intercept the request submission and modify it to make the server believe you've been playing for much longer than an hour.
  4. M

    Creation of .asi Files for SAMP

    Aight so, I am really struggling to even set up everything to properly start coding in c++ for samp. For some reason, when using plugin-sdk, i keep falling to execute any functions from any samp api's, that i included in my project. Vice versa the other direction, when trying to include...
  5. I

    Need help for auto driving script

    I downloaded an auto driving script for the android version of gta sa, but the script makes CJ drive like he's drunk as f*ck. I remembered That i downloaded a different auto driving script, but it was for the windows version only. So i wanted to modify the one for the windows version to work for...
  6. xHype

    How to find entity list of objects? (Vehicles, players, peds, etc.)

    Hey guys, I would be really appreciated if somebody really help me with that. I know how to find list of players in Assault Cube, we bassicaly looking for a pointer that points to the first player, then we add +0x4 to the pointer and we have pointer to next player, etc, etc. But in GTA: SA? I...