gta san andreas

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    Help help me please

    i wnat cleo show all hidden players in radar for wtls server work in samp r5 witout crash iknow version in lua name radar reaveal hack but i want version ceo please someone make for me
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    Help cleo script

    some one make cleo automatic press ALT work on R5 wiat activation and desactive
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    Help help please

    some one make this .lua script to version cs. please script_name("Infinite Run") script_description("Infinite run with automatic activation") script_author("checkdasound") local mem = require "memory" function main() while true do wait(0) if isSampAvailable() then...
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    How to edit activation key of this cleo

    Hello im trying to modiffy a cleo file with sanny builder but the source code doesn´t match with the source codes who i had in my sanny builder, i want to change the activation key to F5, or "B", but it says insufficient parameters. this is the cleo...