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    Help Ahk Get Text From Samp

    can anyone make ahk that will type t/bla bla ( I will change it my self) When the screen appears (from dialog text) "Air support Now is avaible" make it with ahk
  2. K

    Auto Walk to check point

    i need a cleo that can do checkpoint auto walk
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    Gta Sa Keep Window Running

    Hello, does anyone have the Gta Sa Keep Window Running memory address? I have found this one on the forum, but it isn't working: 0x747FB6 size 1 value 0x1010101 I am looking for this, but updated:
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    I need job recording work

    Hi guys ı need job recording job bot help me pls.
  5. F

    CLEO Help Can someone help me?!?!?

    How i can solve this error Unknown directive printf "~Y~Paketic ~W~Je ~W~U ~Y~Blizini" 21@. Here is the picture of the code can someone help me please
  6. A

    CLEO Help Can't Spawn Bot

    Anyone using Overlight v3? I can connect the bot to the server, but every time I want to spawn the bot, I will automatically reconnect and get a soft ban. I tried it on all servers and it's the same