1. S

    Help Ahk Get Text From Samp

    can anyone make ahk that will type t/bla bla ( I will change it my self) When the screen appears (from dialog text) "Air support Now is avaible" make it with ahk
  2. GK26

    Cleo Scripting Key Binder/Macro Help

    I was thinking how to make a keybinder works only if the player are inside vehicle or aircraft like Hydra\Rustler for example, If i pressed Space Button then LMB button is also Activated\Engaged just like If\Then\Else kind of situation Im really new to cleo scripting im gladly if someone can...
  3. Salsa

    CLEO Help Simple autoreply script

    Hello! To the point, this is what I searching for: 1 - message incomes on chat 2 - cleo read it: if is "message1" reply "rep1" but if is "message2" reply "rep2" but if is "message3" reply "rep3" ... but if is "message5" end I am searching a CLEO likes this on samp forums, but evertytime that...
  4. A

    CLEO Help I can't find 0AB0 to change keybind in cleo

    pls help me. I tried changing the keybind in bind_arrest.cs but I can't find the line 0AB0 : key_pressed xx. Should I add it myself? if so, in which line can i add it?