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    Help What is the mods name?

    What is the mod this guy uses and how he does that? passive income mod
  2. M

    [SELL]SA:MP Gamemode

    Hello everyone, this is how I have a very good and unique SA: MP gamemode, which I don't need anymore because I don't play samp, so I would sell it if anyone is interested. A lot of time and effort has been invested in the gamemode itself, the gamemode is currently in Croatian, but of course it...
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    CLEO Help cleo

    So i tried to make this type of code for my friends but i wont seem to work :NONAME_105 SAMP.GetChatString(1@, 2@, 3@, 4@, 5@) if 0@ == 1 jf @NONAME_252 if 0C29: $NOT_USED = stristr string1 2@ string2 "DO /REDEEMCREDS" jf @NONAME_252 0AD4: $FUCK = scan_string 2@ format "/redeemcreds %s to...
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    CLEO Help Help with Car Fake Speed Sync (problem with delay in RP Server)

    Im using the Snippet of 0B36 and everything works as it should be. I use it to avoid the speed limit that the RP server sets. My problem is this: the code takes a while to pass throw the label, because when I activate the cleo, the speedometer shows 0 km (that's how i set it up) but...